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 If  someone passed a law mandating that each student of the tarot could own one (and only one) tarot book, this is the book I would choose. I love The Renaissance Tarot because the information it offers is presented in a positive, clear, and Read More
If you're a fan of tarot spreads, and are looking for an interesting twist or perspective, here's one I think you will enjoy.  This is a great spread for when you want to examine your question or situation from several different Read More
This is a quick and easy version of the Romany Spread, which can use anywhere from 15 cards to the entire tarot deck.  This version uses 21 cards, which are usually laid out in 7 rows containing three cards each. This lay-out is believed to have Read More
"When the time comes weigh the facts, not yourself." So says the Judgement card in The Housewives Tarot. This is the card that totally won me over on this particular deck, although I also love the Knight of Swords (he looks an awful lot like James Dean Read More
Isn't this a beautiful deck? It's the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini, and it combines medieval imagery with both the art deco & art nouveau styles of painting.  The style reminds me of the old Oz books when I was a kid. This was the very first Read More
This is my all-time favorite tarot spread, and it's also the one I use most for my professional readings. My sister, Teri, aka Love Angel Tarot, deserves the credit for this because she's the one who taught it to me (and to the rest of our family). Over Read More
If I could bottle one piece of advice and sell it to the world, it would be that you do not know for sure what your partner would do if they "really" loved you. No matter how much you have in common, you and your loved one are separate individuals. Read More
A friend of mine wrote a while ago, asking if I'd seen or heard of the Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens and Erik C. Dunne. I had not.  She said she'd fallen in love with the sheer glorious beauty of this deck, so I went to take a look for myself.  Read More
A few years ago, I discovered the joys of making and using magical soap.  There's basically no difference between the use of candles in magic and the use of soap in magic, except that the soap is even more personal and the magic goes with you when Read More
The second suit of the Minor Arcana, Pentacles, aka Disks or Coins, embodies solid achievement in the physical plane. Wands, the suit of fire, = conception; while Pentacles, the suit of earth, = consolidation and preservation. I was pleased to see that Read More
 "As the first suit of the Minor Arcana, the suit of Wands begins the sequence of fifty-six cards with a burst of fiery, visionary energy" - Jane Lyle -I confess! The suit of Wands and I have been at odds in the past.  It didn't resonate with Read More
The Sun has always been one of my very favorite tarot cards, and this big guy has to be one of the best Suns ever! He's from the Phantasmagoric Theater Deck and he's even brighter and more colorful in person than in this photo.  This is the only Read More
I recently purchased Llewllyn's 2018 Tarot Calendar and was pelasantly surprised to find that the Major Arcana featured for January is The Empress. The art work is glorious and is taken from a deck I'd never seen before. Every month offers a tarot Read More
Here is Part 2 of the list of keywords I recently posted. Hope you find it helpful. :)This half of the list is for the cards of the Minor Arcana. It doesn't include every single meaning for every single card, but it does list the three words I consider Read More
Here is the first half of a list that was begun years ago when I was preparing to begin reading professionally. Over the years, this list has proven itself to be a wonderful tool! Time is of the essence when people are paying for a reading, and the Read More
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