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Today's mail brought a long anticipated package, "The Magician Longs to See" twin peaks tarot by Ben Mackey. I couldn't wait to get home and open the box!  And I wasn't disappointed. The photo above is the introductory pamphlet and the one below Read More
  This spread is named for it’s shape, which resembles a horseshoe, crescent moon, or pyramid. It's one of my very favorites because it not only reveals that which is hidden, but it also suggests a course of action the you may wish to follow. Read More
Many practitioners of candle magic equate  specific colors, and often,  a specific direction, with each of the four seasons. I use this method most of the time, however, I'm pretty flexible and change things according to what feels right Read More
Isn't this card great? It's No 14 - The Temperance card from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, and it's one of my very favorites. In this deck, the Temperance card depicts an angel/robot with a purple and orange mohawk. She has golden butterfly wings Read More
Several  callers have asked me to explain the difference between the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. An in-depth answer to this question would take more space than today's blog allows, so here's a very short and sweet answer - along with a list of Read More
I'm not one to use the words fate and destiny very often in my readings. And yet, I do believe in both fate and destiny. Conversely, I also believe in self-determination and freedom of choice. Yes, it gets confusing sometimes, but it also makes a beautiful Read More
  I found this deck in a book store a long time ago and never really paid any attention to it. Recently, however, someone called me for a reading and they were asking a great many esoteric questions; which is a real treat for me. These questions Read More
For those of you who like to read your own cards from time to time, here's a great spread. It's especially useful when you have reached a crossroad and need insight into all of the factors affecting your decisions or future course. Although I rarely Read More
I love this deck! My sister, who also reads here on keen as Love Angel Tarot, came to visit last October. We were relaxing in my favorite coffee shop when my husband walked in with several miniature sized decks of the Tarot of the White Cat Read More
 If  someone passed a law mandating that each student of the tarot could own one (and only one) tarot book, this is the book I would choose. I love The Renaissance Tarot because the information it offers is presented in a positive, clear, and Read More
If you're a fan of tarot spreads, and are looking for an interesting twist or perspective, here's one I think you will enjoy.  This is a great spread for when you want to examine your question or situation from several different Read More
This is a quick and easy version of the Romany Spread, which can use anywhere from 15 cards to the entire tarot deck.  This version uses 21 cards, which are usually laid out in 7 rows containing three cards each. This lay-out is believed to have Read More
"When the time comes weigh the facts, not yourself." So says the Judgement card in The Housewives Tarot. This is the card that totally won me over on this particular deck, although I also love the Knight of Swords (he looks an awful lot like James Dean Read More
Isn't this a beautiful deck? It's the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini, and it combines medieval imagery with both the art deco & art nouveau styles of painting.  The style reminds me of the old Oz books when I was a kid. This was the very first Read More
This is my all-time favorite tarot spread, and it's also the one I use most for my professional readings. My sister, Teri, aka Love Angel Tarot, deserves the credit for this because she's the one who taught it to me (and to the rest of our family). Over Read More
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