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A few years ago, I bought a wonderful book called "Carnival of the Spirit" by Luisah Teish.  I love this book because it's a joyous celebration of the seasons, complete with folklore, original stories, poetry, and ritual. Family plays a large part Read More
This lovely card called "Psychic" is from 'The Soulmate Oracle Deck' by John Grey, Ph.D.  It reminds us how very easy it is to fall into the "psychic trap", wherein we believe we can intuit exactly what our partner thinks, feels, or wants, at any Read More
"Are you passionate about wanting to see the big picture of your life?"  "Are you committed to being surprised in the best possible ways?" These were the questions posed by my favorite astrologer, Rob Brezsny one day when I checked my horoscope  Read More
The radio was on in the car this morning and I wasn't paying any attention, until  "Driving Sideways" from the "Magnolia Soundtrack" by Aimee Mann started to play. Ever since then this song has been stuck in my brain. I can't help but think how well Read More
  Have you ever had it happen that the Universe sends you important messages from more than one source at the same time? That's what happened to me this week. I have the song "Momentum" by Aimee Mann stuck in my head. It seems that every time Read More
Relationships - we all want them, but we all find them puzzling from time to time. (Okay, maybe a lot more often than that.) This is the card I pulled today from the "Soulmate Oracle" by Dr. John Grey Ph.D.  Clues! It's always fun to puzzle things Read More
Isn't it amazing how things always seem to fall into place just at the right time? My dreams have been very surreal and intense the past couple of weeks, and have seemed to deal mostly with interpersonal relationships of all kinds - both past and present.  Read More
Have you read "Money Is My Friend", by Phil Laut? If not, I highly recommend it. This tiny little book is amazing, and it's been of tremendous help to me over the past few years. It completely changed my attitudes, not only about money, but about myself. Read More
This dapper gentleman is Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States of America and Protector of Mexico. He was born in London circa 1819 and died in San Francisco on January 8, 1890. I've been a fan of his for quite some time, and recently visited Read More
Isn't it frustrating when you want or need something that you just can't find? Are you looking for a lost object? For the right someone with whom to share your life? For a certain location? For the perfect dress for your wedding? Whatever it is you're Read More
This splendid new deck was a present from my husband, and I'm very much in love with it already. This is the Empress card from the Arcus Arcanum Tarot , which was the brainchild of Gunter Hager.  The artwork was done by Swiss artist Hansrudi Wascher, Read More
My husband showed me an article from the Guardian a little while ago, which reported that up to 200,000 people in the UK have been taken in by dating site scammers. Ironically enough, my husband and I met on the internet, so I know that long distance Read More
I've already written one blog about the book, "Money Is My Friend" by Phil Laut, but I think this book deserves another mention. This little tiny book holds a wealth of information and practical steps you can use to increase your self-esteem and turn Read More
As we all know, tension and stress affect our bodies, as well as our minds. I carry my stress across the shoulders and at the back of the neck. It's as if my problems are physical burdens that are quite literally resting on the top of my shoulders. Read More
I recently came across this book in a box destined for the Goodwill shop, turned to the back cover and read:"ARE YOU THE KIND OF PERSON WHO:--Does the most work in your office and gets the least recognition?--Feels guilty about anything that goes wrong Read More
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