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So Venus retrograde kicked your emotional butt huh? Yea mine too. Many of us experienced breakups of our intimate relationships this month. For others, we had an awakening internally that pushed us to redefine our boundaries. Although there is grief, Read More
Using Psychic Readings as a Tool 09/26/20120 Comments Since Pluto and Uranus have been aspecting in the last few weeks, I’ve had several brief calls where the person calling is unable to allow for a full reading or is unable to hear what’s being Read More
Throughout our lives we are subject to conditioning from our environment. The mind picks up on social expectations and beliefs as well as the beliefs of family, friends, and teachers. We begin to associate our identity, roles and feelings by the conditioning Read More
When an old house begins to slide off the foundation, electric wiring becomes frayed and plumbing unable to be replaced, it is better to demolish the house then to continue making endless repairs. Once the old house is demolished, a new foundation is Read More
Serving Others Serves You   While praying and meditating last night I asked Spirit what I can do to lessen my worries about the economy, my clients, friends and family.   Suddenly my focus was shifted from myself and my own thoughts to Read More