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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.

October 2008 - Posts

Women have it hard. Men speak a different language when it comes to romance and love and women put up with allot because they dont understand that language and let men get away with murder because they love them and sometimes just overlook Read More
I usually sell my lessons for thirty days before posting them or sending them out for free to my clients, But they have been helping people so much that I decided to post this early. The first lesson is here in my blog somewhere so if you dont have lesson Read More
Hello, One of the questions I get asked at times is why am I not online all the time like other psychics. Well first of all I get alot of calls from clients versus other psychics who do not, so for them to be online all the time is no big deal is they Read More
I realize that choosing a Psychic can be hard at times, you have to choose Psychic that is right for you.It is important to get that connection between the reader and the client.I am very honest and to the point of blunt sometimes. I do not use the Read More
As most of my clients know I teach and lecture on a technique I call "Spiritual Focus" This technique helps unlock the psychic powers we all have inside of us. Each month I put out a different lesson and charge for it, after 45 days I send it to my Read More
"As you may or may not know my clients call me "The Romance Psychic"This is due primarily to the fact that over the last 20 years or so I must have given about 5000 romance readings and from what my clients tell me I am very good at them. I do many Read More