Deb's Dream

I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

March 2007 - Posts

Today the sun was shining.  The weather is warm and spring has sprung.  The sun feels good and makes us smile.  Get out today and just bask in the sun. You'll feel better in a minute or two.  My hours tonight are 6 pm - midnight and Read More
Compassion and kindness has always been my hope and dream.  Every since I was little I wanted to be the one who everyone said: She brought me chicken soup when I was sick.  Working on keen has given me that privilege to laugh with others, cry Read More
Sometimes spirit is telling us just stop and rest.  I've found it my life that the universe will MAKE you if you don't.  So do something good for yourself today.  By the way for good cooking tips I'm writing articles on cooking (have a Read More
>>>>Much love and blessings to all tonight.  I am sending this out in the hopes that you receive blessings from it. Read More
I send each of you pink healing light to you tonight.  I am on and available tonight to send you the messages of the universe.  Until midnight.  many blessings. Read More
Know that we can find something good in every day.  I'm here at the restaurant happy to be of service to people who don't have time to cook.  And yet I am finding the time to be of service to you when you need me.  SPirit is good that way.  Read More
I believe we can manifest our hopes and desires.  I send out to the universe daily the hopes of helping others and sharing their dreams with them.  I try to help them find their path.  Life is good and we can have our needs and wants met.  Read More