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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

April 2007 - Posts

I love the weekend.  Everybody is smiling and happy due to most being off.  Of course as advisors this is our busiest time.  Be sure to make your appts early so you get a chance to get some spiritual advice and growth over the next few Read More
Lets send positive energy and light keen's way tonight.  WE need to be able to connect to you all.  We love and care about you and worry when our calls don't come through. So I am sending light and love keen's way and your way tonight. blessings. Read More
Spending tonight giving messages for the hope of the future.  I love this work.  Read More
Sometimes when I do a reading for someone the first time , either on keen or here at home, they say they are afraid to hear what I have to say.  Don't be.  Knowing the path will help prepare and keep you on the right path.  Even if is is Read More
Well, this is hump day.  The day most people like to get over with unhappiness.  But I like today.  Its been a great day for me.  I am energized pumped up and ready to share with you all.   Feel free to write me here on the Read More
I waas against the blogs because I felt it took away from the voice vibrations and interaction of the client, but now I see where it is helpful.  The system had problems last night but today I'm sure keen is getting things back together.  My Read More
Some people don't like Mondays , but I like Mondays.  New beginnings, fresh start for the week.   We can put last week behind us and Start over again. blessings. Read More
>>>>>If you love yourself, others will love you back.  You will have light around you., joy in rhe morning, and happiness around you.  I will be on my normal hours.  I look forward to sharing with you. Read More
I still have open appts for tonight.  I will be on.  Make them early.  Remember that as long as you are in queue or an appt my rate is the low one. many blessings. Read More
Well, as you can see I'm not a good blogger.  I can write lovely emails to each of you but blogging seems to just stump me.  But this weekend is a good weekend.  Life is good.  It is raining outside but that just cleanses and replenishes Read More
I'm not a great blogger or computer whiz at all.  Computer graphics and html isn't my talent at all.  But I have alot of messages from the Guides and alot of love to share.  Looking forward to sharing with you on this day of hope, new beginnings Read More
A beloved client sent me this and I just had to share it as it was so good.  An old donkey fell into a deep well.  He cried and cried pitififully and the farmer was at a loss on how to get him out. He thought of every way possible but couldn't Read More
I am on and available for appts tonight.  I do so look forward to sharing with you.  Many blesssings Read More
My hours tonight are 6 pm - midnight central time. I talked to C.S. and calls are now coming through . Yeah Keen.  Remember if you are already a client of mine, I go back to the lower rate.  blessings !! Read More
Hey I love spring, I love keen and I  love you all.  Boy you can tell what the sun does for me.  I will be on tonight from 6 pm - midnight but today I'm going to work on my patio. Give the sun a chance to come into your life today. Read More