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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

May 2007 - Posts

We have a long weekend.  Get some rest, eat some hamburgers and potato salad and have fun. This is a family weekend..  Enjoy your family and have fun!!!! I'm here if you need to talk. Read More
Its mighty quiet on the keen front. I know this means you are all enjoying your long weekend.   I am here as well as some of the other advisors if you need or long for a friendly voice.  And a truth about changes coming in youyr life. Read More
I read a quote the other day that a dog is the only thing that loves you more than yourself.  It is true,  My little dogs follow me from room to room and watch my every move.  When I sit, they jump into my lap.  But it is good to Read More
Appts are up and running well tonight.  Site looks good.  I still have open appts for tonight and tomorrow am and pm.  My hours are 10 am - 1 pm and 6 pm - midnight.  Looking forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
>>>>I am back to my regular hours of 10 am - 1 pm and 6 pm - midnight central time for appts and calls.  I have the restaurant built up to where it runs good on its own, I can go play when I want and now can be here for the people I love Read More
is a day of miracles and joy.   I am  sure that life will treat you well if we follow spirits path. I am on tonight from 6 pm central time until midnight.  If you make an appt I keep my rate down .  Hope to share with you soon. Read More
We are so quiet.  We are in meditation and visualization.  I am here today for appts all day and this evening will be working appts and the queue.  Don't forget when your spiritual life is on track everything around you gets better.  Read More
I like changes.  Even in all aspects of life.  sometimes things that seem very negative at one point in our lives can bring us to the place where WE  have to make the necessary changes even when we don't like change. Don't worry about Read More
In some small way we are blessed daily by things we don't even know are happening.  I had some personal stuff going on that spirit kept saying don't worry, I've got your back.  And sure enough, it worked out just as they said. I will be on Read More
Its been quiet lately.  We are truly being tested for our spirituality.  This morning I was a little worried, so I pulled out my oden runes for guidance. The Runes will not predict the future but show where you are leading and give you guidance.  Read More
Today Friday I'm seeing that we are getting all our glitches and problems fixed. I'm here all DAY  and night for appts, queue etc.  Please let me know how to help you. many blessings. Read More
>>>The stars sometimes just do their own thing.  Please read all the feedback,  love ya Read More
>>>>I'm back and up and running.  Had to take some days off but are now returned to regular hours.  I' ve been hearing some good news from people and happy news and this is good.  Someimes its just a matter of waiting.  Read More