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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

September 2007 - Posts

I like the feedback system here.  It is helpful for many reasons to people who need help and hope and are given some by the feedback they read.  Couple of points though.  If you see a 1 rating with no writing next to it, be sure that it Read More
I love the weekends.  Even though I still work I have time to relax and enjoy the football games too. Go U of Tenn And Tennessee Titans.  Yes, I'm a die hard fan but also a die hard fan of keen, spirituality and life.  Every morning I meditate, Read More
Find your happiness along the spiritual path.  Life can be better when we have faith and hope.  we wont steer you with false hope  but tell you the path you are on. Hope to share with you soon. blessings Read More
Love is you each day. I am here this am from 10 - 1 central time and 5 -11 tonight. blessings Read More
My dream is not being rich or powerful or a superstar.  My dream has always been helping people.  I want to be the one they talk about bringing them chicken soup when they are sick and gave them courage and hope when they were down.  I Read More
The sun s shining after a good rain. I still have tomatoes growing on my tomato plants.  My dogs are kinda behaving for once. I see the good things that are coming in my life.  And in yours.  Smile life is happening. I'm here today to help Read More
Each day that we are living is  good day. So many have medical problems, financial problems, love problems, yet as long as we have life we have hope.  I was just reading some comments here.  I never block anyone unless they are very rude Read More
Dear people.  I know that spirit has some changes coming for you that we all should be ready and prepared to face.  I am here tonight from 5:30 - 11 pm central time for appts or the queue.  I look forward to seeing what is on your path. Read More
I am working this am and this pm.  I love to shAre messages with you.  May the universe bless you todAY. Read More
I'm on tonight from 6 pm - 11 pm central time.  I share the truth as my spirit guides see it.  I hope to share with you tonight. blessings Read More
well, summer is finally over and we can settle down to gathering stores for the winter and be ready to snuggle and cuddle by a nice fire in the fireplace.  Even if we are snuggling with our dogs, or a box of chocolates and a good book, or our soulmate, Read More
Make today a day to learn, grow, live and be happy.  Look at your self in the mirror and smile real big first thing today.  I will be here to help you find your path to happiness and life.  blessings Read More
I am here for appts and the queue. Looking forward to talking to you.  Many blessings Read More
Blue is the color of truth and clarity.  That is what we at keen strive to give you all.  I also try to get you a little levity and lightness so all is not gloomy all the time.  Here's something to think on today.  I bought my dogs Read More
Today I'm sending you all loving healing light.  All of us have some spiritual needs and must try to deal with our burdens, sadness and even love with spirituality and hope.  I am here today all day for appts and the queue to help guide you Read More
Wow !!! great news is coming today.  I am here to share that with you.   I am here today from 10 am - 1 pm central time and 5 pm - 11 pm central time.  Looking forward to sharing with you. blesssings Read More
I am here to share with you.  Many blessings and light.  much joy to you today.  Read More
For me as soon as you can.  if you receive an error page, contact keen via phone at 1.877.533.6435.  Others are not getting an error page and are making appts so call them to see what your answer is to the problem. I do so look forward to sharing Read More
Good Morning.  Our sun is shining here today but thank goodness that it has finally rained and rained and rained.  I was out at the grocery when it finally started raining and my car clicker lost its clack because it got soaked me trying to Read More
Have a great weekend. I am!!! But I will be on tonight to hel pyou find your path and happiness from now until 11 pm central time.  Sending you love and light. Read More
Sometimes we get to rest on the weekends put our troubles aside and do something nice for ourselves.  Make sure you do!! But check in with your spiritual advisor too.  Although I'm mAKING CARROT CAKES, FRUIT CAKES, JAM CAKES, BANANNA BREAD, Read More
Your day will be full of joy and peace You are the best of the best Live life fully as you can work, play and always rest. I am here all day today for appts and the queue.  love ya Read More
Happiness and joy to each of you on this Monday. I am here for appts until 11 pm.  or the line.  I look forward to sharing with you. blessigns Read More
I send you the blessings of the universe . I will be on tonight until 11 pm central time. blessings Read More
This morning I have to share this with everyone. It was so cute.  My quote of the day was that we should follow nature and be patient.  But nature sometimes wants us to take action too.  I was taking out my trash and as I have a walking Read More
This morning in the daily email I send my clients I wrote about sharing some water with a dog.  This wasn't to toot my own horn but to say please please take care of our animals and our little ones who can't do for themselves.  They too have Read More
Hey there!!! I'm here until 11 pm central time for appts or the line.  Looking forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
Back to work and school. and back to spiritual guidance.  I'm here from 10 am - 1 pm central time and 6 pm - 11 pm central time to share spiritual messages with you. loveay Read More
A day to rest and spend time with family and friends.  this is what I'll be doing.  Spending time with you my loves, my friends.  call me.  make an appt. reconnect with your inner spirit today.  10am - 1 pm central and 6 pm - Read More
I'm here . looking forward to talki9ng to you. until 11 pmcentral time. blessings Read More
today is a good day.   Have fun with this weekend. but remember I'm here for you if you need to talk and get some guidance. blessings Read More
I am having a great day.  I know you will too.  this is the weekend for family and friends.  I am excited about getting ready for this weekend.  I will be working on monday morning and evening but also today and tomorrow as usual.  Read More