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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

October 2007 - Posts

Here is a recipe that will come out with my cookbook end of Nov Magikal Mysical Meals.  This is a good one for the kids as well as the adults and the carrots in it repels negativity. Of course the vanilla brings love and peace from Venus and the Read More
 The spirit world is much different than the physical reality.  Remember that miracles are built on hope and faith not on the logical mind/.  When reading feedback on your advisor remind yourself that sometimes people don't hear what they Read More
Today is a great day. I'm excited by hearing good news already from some clients.  I will be hearing more tonight between 6 pm - 11 pm . I look forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
Today is a sunny day. It is looking good.   The air is nice crisp and smelling like fall.  Football games, Halloween and pumpkins everywhere.   This is a great time of year.  I am on today for appts until 5 pm central time.  Read More
Friends are very important.  They care for you and are loyal.  I am  blessed as I still live in the town I grew up in.  Even if I haven't seen them in a long time, they still rally around when I need them and visa versa.  I'm Read More
I know these blogs should be interesting, fun and full of information.  My info today is about truth and peace.  When you hear the truth, you will feel the peace and resonate with it.  Truth comes to the top just like oil in water.  Read More
I'm sending you some healing light and the knowledge that spirit is here to help you find the path of hope and truth.  We all have the rough days.  Listening to the guides and finding some kind of peace helps us through these rough times. I Read More
Sending healing light to So Cal and to all of you today.  I look forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
Appts are a great way to reach your fav advisor.  You can choose the time that you want, you have privacy and your advisor is ready for you.  I am on tonight until 11 pm central time.  I look forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
My hours today are 10 am - 1 pm central time and 5 pm - 11 pm central time.  Loved to share with you. blessings Read More
Let's find your happiness today in your dreams.   I'll be on this morning and this evening.  I  look forward to hearing your hopes and dreams.  blessed be Read More
I am here to help guide you today. I'd love to share with you. blessings Read More
I know you've all heard the saying when there's life there's hope.  There is always hope.  We can find joy and hope in the littlest things and have a great day.  Try ( I know its hard sometimes) to be positive and life will come at you.  Read More
Here I am working away.  Love talking to each of you.  I'm on until 11 pm central time.  Hope to share with you tonight. blessings Read More
I am here today from 10 am - 1 pm central time and 5 pm - 11 pm central time today. I look forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
Make sure you are on the right spiritual path. Meditate, give yourself positive affirmations and walk the walk.  If you need help, I am here along with other talented advisors to help guide you.  I start at 10 am . many blessings Read More
Keen is an intricate system.  I have found it to be the best system around to get in touch with those of you that spirit leads to me and have grown to love very much.  That said; however, being so complex sometimes there are "glitches" in the Read More
We create our own happinesss.   Center and balance yourself and give yourself love.  This will create love around you from others as well.  I am on this am and pm for appts and the queue.  Love ya lots. Read More
I have had several exciting feedbacks from clients in the last 2 weeks.  I am so happy when dreams come true.  This is why I love this work.  I get to see people change their lives around and have positive doors opening up.  I am here Read More
Wow.  we got a little chilly here last night.  But I love the fall.  The crisp air, apples harvesting, making apple butter and putting out the jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Many people think that halloween came from a devil worshippers Read More
This morning my internet access was down and I couldn't work because of that so I went and had my nails done and a pedicure. they give the best  as they massage your legs and feet.  Now I have orange toenails with a black painted graveyard on Read More
I'm here for the rest of the evening. Looking forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
I'm a diehard U of Tenn and Tenn Titans fan.  this morning I was reading a quote by the great Vince Lombardi and he was saying even after the victory and win, the dedication and excellence is the most important thing.  This is true in any part Read More
Many blessings to you as you build your future.  I am here tonight from 6 pm=11 pm central time. blessings Read More
Spirituality is something we need just like food, air, and love. It is an important part of our nature that we must feed as well as nuture.  I am here tonight to help nuture and encourage you until  11 pm central time.  I look forward to Read More
I had a great week last week.  Several customers I haven't talked to in a couple of years checked back in. With good news. Several called with their predictions coming to pass.  U of Tenn Vols beat the Georgia bulldogs ( sorry Georgia but I'm Read More
I am on tonight with appts available from 6 pm - 11 pm.  Blessings Read More
Have you ever noticed that the clairvoyant shows on Tv never give time frames.  There is a reason.  We see these things like they are happening right at that moment.  So if spirit says it will happen it will.  None of us on Keen are Read More
Last night I started talking to a new client.  I could hear in her voice and feel in her spirit that she was totally drained, physically, emotionally and fianacially.  Her voice was low and exhausted.  As we talked and I shared messages Read More
Have some appts times left. blessings Read More
I consider my callers my friends, I worry over them, I support them and are there to see what is the next step they should take.  As friends will do, they, of course, don't always believe or listen to what we are saying.  Realize that the advisors Read More
I like to sit on the porch as the sun is settling in the sky.  The air turns a little cooler and life starts to quiet down some.  Nature can truly bring the spirit to you. I hope to share some of these messages with you tonight.  I have Read More
Over the years, I have had to learn to love myself.  I loved everyone else to the point of neglecting myself. Remember you can't help anyone else if you are in chaos.  Spend some time being good to yourself.  It works.  I am on today Read More
I am looking forward to talking to you tonight between 6 pm - 11 pm central time. blessings Read More
there is spirit in the air.  I feel the changes coming. The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp and clean.  And changes are comng for you talk to you from 6 pm - 11 pm tonight. blessigns Read More