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December 2007 - Posts

Here we are at the end of another year.  It has been a great year for some. Others it has been rougher than usual.  Changes are coming.  My dream is to put everyone on their special path they are suppose to be on and let them learn true Read More
"Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not to man, but unto God,.......but he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edifcation, and exhortation, and comfort;...He Read More
I wearing a lot of lavender these days.   Lavender is a good scent for stress relief and to feel peaceful.  I put it in my bath, use body mist of lavender and light candles of lavender near my bed.  It really works.  Ah but then Read More
Wow what a glorious holiday time we are having.  Next the New's Year festivities is coming.  You know, everybody's New year isn't at this time so if we want we can celebrate New's years other time.  Actually each day is the new beginning Read More
I know everyone will have a great day today.   I send you love and light. Read More
I shared this story with my clients today but thought it might be good to share with all.  We were living in Northern California at the time.  Railroad was on strike and jobs and money was scarce.  We were down to the change in the couch Read More
Boy, Christmas is almost here and the New Year is about to start.  It seems as if this year has literally flown by.  Many changes are coming up with the new year and miracles do occur during Christmas.  Never give up your dreams.  Read More
Ah families.  As you all can probably tell by now, I love my family,  My biological family, my dog babies, and my keen family.  Families can in all shapes, sizes, and different ways.  We can make a family just by being there!! I bought Read More
No matter what faith system you are, this is the season for holidays.  No matter how far away your family may be, or what circumstances there are in our lives, remember you are never truly alone.  Your own spiritual guides are with you, Your Read More
I've given up dieting during Christamas.  Today during a family xmas lunch there were 8 count them 8 different kinds of desserts. Not to mention the dinner.  Goodness.  Well, we have to taste a little of each right?  I'm especially Read More
Hello.  Today I went to my swim therapy classes' Christmas party.  I wore a long red dress and my signature High top green cordorouy tennis shoes with green "D" earrings.   Everyone loved it.   Now everyone knows I'm shy Read More
Peace is more precious than a piece of land. Topic: Peace Source: None I'm sending everyone peace and light today. Read More
Please don't get upset with our advisors if the time frame doesn't fall exactly in place.  I myself put on my homepage that predictions WILL come through, I just don't hold to time frames.  Spirit will bring it about when the time is right so Read More
I have an open door policy.  You can come talk to me anytime until 11 pm central time.  Love ya Read More
Love and light to you all tonight.  I'm here until 11 pm central time. blessings Read More
I am here from 5 pm - 11pm central time. looking forward to sharing with you. blessings Read More
Christmas is almost here!!!  And I'm no where near ready.  But the great thing is I'm here for my biological family and my keen family.  As this is what you are.  Grammee Deb is here to love and help you on your path.  I',m on Read More
There is some changes coming in all our lives. Lets look at them and see what's happening.  I'm here until 11 pm tonight to share with you. Lots of love. Read More
I'm on tonight from now until 11 pm central time.  I want to share with you. many blessings Read More
Okay its cold here.  We went to swim therapy today, after class, we run in the cold air and get into the best hot tub, steaming .  It was great.  So that's my day.  How about yours? I am here today  looking forward to sharing Read More
This is the time of miracles, new beginnings and fresh chapters.  Lets determine to fill our souls, our hearts, spirit and minds with the teachings of our faith and inner spirituality.  You deserve the best and will receive it.  I am on Read More
Purple is the royal color. It is always a color for spirituality. I am sending you this blessing of love and light tonight. I am here to help you guide your path until 11 pm. much love and blessings to each of you today. Read More