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January 2008 - Posts

Spirit has a lesson in every thing.  Every person we meet, every event that happens.  We find good messages in our lives that can help guide us.  Be careful what we wish for, we may get it!  There is good and negative and we have to Read More
February Celebrations in Ancient AthensAncient Athens celebrated the period between mid January and mid February as the month of Gamelion. They dedicated the festival month to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera. In Greek mythology Zeus was the supreme Read More
There is an old rule of thumb, the more we give, the more we get.  I remember helping a family member for a while with their bills.  It was so funny, I would pay something of theirs, then in the mail from my other websites, I would receive a Read More
This morning in my daily email. I spoke of changes.  Everything in life changes.  We shouldn't be afraid of the change but look to the answer of the spiritual lesson we are learning at this time.  Let us help you find your changes toward Read More
I send you peace. I send you joy. I send healing light your way.  Spirit is with us. And within us.  Invoke the spirit to come into your life and we will find your path to follow. I'm here this evening for appts and the queue.  Love to Read More
I found that most of the clients like the appt system the best.  we are right there on the exact time that we want to talk.  The last couple of days has had some glitches.  if you are having trouble making an appt, (i.e. it goes to an error Read More
Every morning, we need to give ourselves a pat on the back.  We need to tell ourselves we deserve good things and are important to the people around us.  Find 10 positive things we like about ourselves and write them down.  I promise this Read More
These days we all need a little pick me up every once in a while.  A pat on the back, a smile, a word of encouragement.  Remember you are blessed.  I send you hope and peace today and a BIG HUG from me and my pups, Bob and Bets.  Their Read More
Courage - It takes courage to live.  Sometimes we are put down by our co-workers, friends, and family for what we believe in, yet something in our heart says we must carry on this path we are on.  Do not be afraid to follow our path.  Read More
No matter how long, no matter how far, no matter what age, race or sex, spirit and love will prevail.  If spirit sees it, it will happen.  There is something more out there protecting us, guiding us and giving us the love we need.  In all Read More
We are blessed by life and love in our world.  Many times we see the things that change and spirit says that it is good that we have a chance to build our dreams into reality.  I am here today to help you on your path toward a happy prosperious Read More
There are all types of love. Love for ourselves, love for our children our families, our friends and love for another with all our hearts, souls and spirits.  Love is an amazing, wonderful, confusing, thing that is hard work to get going and to keep.  Read More
It snowed here last night.  It is beautiful.What a joy to get up and see the white clean fresh snow.  Our lives are like that in the am, fresh, new, soft and bright.  Today is a joyful happy day.  Give ourselves and others love and Read More
Today I went out to the park for my swim therapy class.  I saw 5 baby deer and 2 wild turkeys.   Looking at Medicine Meanings for animal totems I find that today spirit is saying when deer come into your life, use the power of gentleness Read More
May your weekend be bright and cheery in your heart.  May your life be full of joy and wonder.  I send you light and love today. I am here all day and evening.  Talk to you soon. blessings Read More
Today has been a day like many of our lives.  It started out sunny and nice, quickly turned to storm and tornado, now back to sunny again.  Our lives take sudden turns like that as well.  Our day starts out good, then boom, something hits Read More
Today I visited my new grandson.  What a blessing it is to have 2 wonderful grandsons, one by my daughter and one by my son.   Sometimes we just need to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life.  Now I am rested, relaxed and ready Read More
I see why most religions have a day of rest.  Its wonderful.  Don't you just like a day to kick back with the newspaper and an old movie, maybe take a snooze in the afternoon.  Sunday is a good day for that. But don't forget to take some Read More
Blackeyed peas and collard greens.  The peas for luck and the greens for money.  This is a tradition in the south on New Years Day.  Long time ago they used to put a coin in the peas too and the person who got the coin was suppose to have Read More