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February 2008 - Posts

What a great day.   Some people who are born on this day are like 10 leap years old, but are much older biologically.  What a blessing to be able to be 10 again with the innocence of youth and hjoy of a child.  Today I sent my clients Read More
Families are important.  We need families of all sorts, our biological family, our keen family, our neighbors, our spiritual families.  Today I got to spend ladies day with my mother, my aunt, my daughter and my new 3 month old grandson. He Read More
what a great day!!! We have snow. Not much but enough to cover the ground.  It is pretty.  I went for our daily walk and meditation with Bob & Bets ( my babies the dogs) and we saw pansies peeking up out of the snow.  What a joy.  Read More
Love gives us many things.  The hopes of happiness and the fulfillment of our souls that something good is in our lives.  Finding the right path for that love is very important.  Let our spiritual advisors help us on our journey.  Read More
My aunt is 91 years old today.  We are celebrating this with a dinner from 2- 6 pm central time today so I'll be out of pocket for just a bit.  This is awesome.  Stories she tells of times that we only know of from history books.  Read More
This is the month of heart, of  love and all sorts of things.  I found on Yahoo greetings that today is Pizza delivery day.  So enjoy some pizza, have fun and relax.  I am here my normal hours today and may even have some pizza.  Read More
Today in meditation, I turned to my tarot cards.  Once again for the 4th day in a row, I pulled the 4 of wands.  Now some people call the wands the love arrows.  But also this card indicates a time of breaking free of old bonds and expecting Read More
The time is now for changes.  We are all growing spiritually every day and are looking for ways to learn more about the right path to take.  Our minds go around and around looking for ways to solve the situation and we don't know what the answer Read More
This is a great day whether you are in love or even if you are not.  Love yourself and know that you are loved by the universe and the powers above.  Here's what I do. I bought myself a dozen red roses, a box of ghiradelli chocolate a, new book Read More
Right now is the most important moment in our lives.  Whatever we are doing, it is important.  We may be just sitting drinking our tea or coffee , we may be watching the snow fall, but it is a quiet moment of relaxation that we all need in this Read More
Seems like every day we get more and more hectic andcaught up with things in our lives.  We forget  To take the time to meditate, envision and create in our minds what we want and need in our lives.  Spirit will help us in this if we just Read More
Here today the sun is shining, thanks the heavens.  We are at the start of our new day.  It looks promising and full of joy.  This am in my own meditations and devotion time, I read about moments.  Moments in time, the little ones, Read More
I'm home all day today.  Will be taking calls and appts during most of the day.  Its very sunny out so will be putting theirs sweaters on my dogs and taking them out for a walk in the afternoon.   We are all on a diet. LOL  They Read More
I admit it.  I live a very scheduled life.  I am anal retentive. I call my parents same time every day., work keen same time most days.  My dogs even know what time I'm suppose to be up, suppose to be done working and what time they go Read More
"Not by faith but by grace."   We can see that necessarily we dont have to believe in the miracle to receive it.  We will see a good path come into our lives.  I am here tonight until 11 pm. blessings Read More
As you can tell, I'm a football fanatic.  I am a U of Tenn Vols fan and a Tenn. Titans fan.  But since Tenn isn't in the super bowl, I send congrats to both hard working great teams!! They are both as equally able to win.  Both skilled Read More
Wherever we  are, whatever we are doing, we are going to have a great night.  I"m looking forward to sharing with you on your path.  There is much out there for us to see and many messages to hear.  Talk to you soon. blessing Read More
6 more weeks of winter!! That's what old Phil says today.  But don't despair. Time goes by fast.  We should savor the day as it is and be happy.  Don't kill the messenger.  No matter what Phil says, he is still alive and well.  Read More
Sometimes we are confused and feel we are off the path.  Listen to our inner voices and meditate on what is the lesson we should be learning from this time we are going through.  Consult our spiritual advisor and keep the faith and hope alive Read More