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March 2008 - Posts

I'm sending lots of love to all of you tonight. Much love and blessings.  Read More
Today is a good day to reflect on our blessings.  There are many if we look around us.  Finding one thing to smile about this morning will help our whole day go betther.  I'm sending you all lots of love and light today.  Reflect on Read More
This day will be full of blessings and light.  This day will bring a smile to our face in some big or small way.  This day is a great day for being alive and happy. We have much to hope for, much to love for and much to expect.  I am here Read More
He was gone for a while but today he scurried back up to the porch to grab some of the bird seed I am still putting out in the bird feeder.  We haven't seen him for a while and he is so funny because even if Bob and Bets yap at him, he just calmly Read More
Our sun is shining here and we are ready to celebrate with family today. I get to see my 4 month old grandson today so I'm excited.  His basket from the Easter bunny has books and toys in it instead of candy as he's too young for that!  Sorry Read More
Today is my day for reflection and just thinking about all sorts of things.  This morning another wise advisor made a great point that I was meditating on and started researching about Spring and Easter over the internet.  Here is an interesting Read More
THis went over so well, I thought I would share with everyone: No vision and you perish; No Ideal, and you're lost; Your heart must ever cherish Some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, Some rainbow in the sky, Some melody Read More
There are many wonders to each day of life.  The time comes when we can look around us and see the little miracles that happen day in and day out.  Then we need a big miracle.  Its our desire, our hope and our need to put us on the right Read More
I'm looking forward to today.  Life is on the upswing and spring is about to be here.  Easter is on its way and the new miracles of this season is here and ready to go.  Let's talk about your changes in life coming.  Talk to you soon. Read More
I look forward to sharing with you. Many blessings Read More
How much we wish that spirit would do for us what the universe plans to do right away.  Waiting is so hard and believe me, when I say that spiritual advisors know the pain and angst of waiting as much as anyone.  At least we know it WILL happen.  Read More
There are many ways to divine the future.  Some use clairvoyant means, some use the tarot, some use runes, some use pendalums, the various ways and gifts are endless.  All are messages sent from the universe to prepare us for the path that we Read More
It is talking to me.  The sparrow aids in opening our eyes to self-worth and dignity and empowerment.  He shows us the importance of voice and communication.  Now it time for us to sing our song in all that we do.  Sparrow teaches Read More
Spring is almost here.  What a wonderful time.  New fresh rebirth of the earth and the universe.  I love to watch the plants bloom and the sun to shine.  Birds are singing in the trees.  I keep hearing a whippoorwill which I never Read More
thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes on my birthday.  I missed you all while I was in Mexico.  I am here this evening to share with you al, love you and be here for you.  talk to you soon. many blessings Read More
thanks to everybody who sent me well wishes on my birthday.  I missed you all while I was in Mexico.  I am here this evening to share with you al, love you and be here for you.  talk to you soon. many blessings Read More
In my daily email and blog, remember appts times changed as we turned the clocks up an hour last night.   Check again to see if your appts times are still good for you!! love ya all lots Read More
I'm a Pisces.  Today is my birthday.  It is sunny and beautiful outside.  I love it.  I'm so busy with everything going on,  I have to make sure I take an hour or so, to walk with my dogs Bob and Bets ( Bets got a little fat over Read More
I'm having a great time in Baja Mexico.  It is sunny and pleasant here.  I am spending alot of time with my family here and loving it.  I do miss you all though.  I am trying to keep up with emails and will continue to try to reach Read More
This is say hi to Mom day.; So make sure you call your mom.  I'm in good shape. called my mom this am to let her know I'm here in Baja Mar, Mexico and got here okay.   This is a beautiful place.  We look out the window and there is Read More
Whew. I've had a busy day.  Haven't you? It seems like Monday we catch up on all the chores we should have done over the weekend but were having too much fun to do.  I had my swim therapy class, got my hair done, on and on.  Lets have a Read More
Wow we have another beautiful sunny day today.  This is great.  I've been in meditation this am thinking about my trip to Mexico this Tues - Fri.  And being so glad to know that there are so many wise, loving advisors in my group and on Read More
The sun is shining here today.  And this mornng for the first time in a long time, I heard the whippoorwills singing.  I am meditating on what they are telling me and I hear them saying that all is well and be glad.  And I am.  The Read More