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April 2008 - Posts

Today my morning glory seedlings started popping up.  I love morning glories as I love to be outside on my patio in the early mornings.  They open up and bloom then close their eyes in the evening.  The symbolic meaning of morning glories Read More
Today I went to my swim therapy class for my legs.  It is held at the indoor pool at the Montgomery Bell State Park near where I live.   When I came out to a nice Spring day, the sparrows had gathered around the car.  When I got home, Read More
Open the windows of our minds and lets travel down a new path. A path that spirit leads us to see fresh ideas and thoughts.  There is a wonderful world ahead of us that we should explore with all our hearts and minds.  Look out through new eyes Read More
Healing light.  Pink is a color of healing.  Many hospitals are starting to use this color to help healing patients.  Today in my reflections I was thinking about our country, gas prices going up, food going up, jobs going down and money Read More
We have the power.  We have the imagination. We have the strength to see new beginnings.  Each of us have power within ourselves to create and recieve.  Find the power within yourself tonight. Let us guide you on your path.  many blessings Read More
This is the evening that things are going to start to change.  This is the evening that things get better for each of us.  New starts and good positive energy is flowing all around us.  Spring is here and life is headed for better things.  Read More
Today I went to lunch with my mother, my daughter and my 5 month old grandson.  He is such a joy.  We were playing and he was just laughing almost to the point of screaming.  Then I came home and watched Dr. Phil about the kids in Texas.  Read More
People are enjoying the stories of animal totems.  These are interesting to find which animals are our own special totems around us.  Whenever I see a cat that I don't know, I know it's my father coming to check up on me.  He's told me Read More
Today I was talking to a client.  Back behind my home, is a wooded area.  My dogs , of course, started barking.  I looked up to see a huge bull wild turkey right outside the back door.  He was facing us and stood a minute then went Read More
I've been on Keen since March of 2000.  I've been working on here for 8 years.  I've seen alot of things happen during this time, good things, good changes and good news for people.  Some people that I talk to, they were waiting on their Read More
Keep your dreams in your heart.  Allow them to be nurtured by belief and hope.  Spend time with yourself dreaming of what will be and can be.  Life is about to begin in new ways.  There is hope for each of us today.  I'm on until Read More
Changes are coming. No matter how we try to stop them, they will come.  Most changes will be good.  Some may seem as if they are not, but can be channeled and turned around to teach us spiritual lessons and give us growth.  Let's see what's Read More
I came out of the grocery store today and there sat on my car 1 solitary crow.  He just stayed there until I got right up to my car and cawed.  Once I acknowledged him, he circled over me 3 times.  I came home to try to look up in my books Read More
Hi there.  I know that life can be full of ups and downs. As we travel along our paths, we have choices.  How do we want to live our life, what are our goals, and what is it we really need?  Our destiny is there during our meditations and Read More
What a great weekend.  Spirit is moving in our lives and building us up to better dreams and times.  Let the spirit in you lead  you today and seek your spiritual guidance from your advisor.  Looking forward to sharing with you. much Read More
Some call us dreamers, others call us crazy, while there are still others who just don't know what to make of spiritual people.   what do you believe?  Some think that this whole business is not of the light, but spend their time condemning Read More
I have tulips right outside my back door.  They are so beautiful. Yellow, purple and red ones.  I have 2 rose bushes there too.  One yellow bush and one red.  They are not bloomed yet.  Its like our dreams.  We plant them, Read More
Today is a great day.  We had 75 degree weather here with the sun shining.  It was beautiful outside.  I went to my swim therapy class and we had a ball.  Even though the pool is heated, they had just changed the water and it was freezing!!! We Read More
Household noises.  Wow, spring is here and especially on the weekends ,it seems like everytime we turn around something is going on outside.  Tree surgeons are cutting dead limbs off away from the lines, landscapers are mowing, kids are running Read More
Dream a dream, let it grow, plant the seed and nuture it in our hearts.  Find reasons to look for hope and share with others our light.  this is how to live life and achieve.  I am here today most of the day.  It is storming outside Read More
When we call our favorite advisor, we should quiet our mind and listen to everything the advisor is saying.   Let them have the freedom to talk and get the messages we need to hear.  Sometimes, it may not be the exact message we think is Read More