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May 2008 - Posts

June is the month ruled by Juno or Hera , the goddess of love, marriage and hearth and home. This is why so many weddings are in this month.  The first part of June's the color is Yellow and after the 20th the colors are  sea- green or silver Read More
How often as families we fight, quarrel, get hurt feelings, and walk away.  Somehow we think our families, our friends, our loved ones will always be there.  Then the spirit comes to take them home, and they are gone.  There is no taking Read More
Last night it stormed here and my power was out. I tried to work with my cell phone but it's one of those newfangled things that when you press 1, it goes to voicemail instead of accepting the calls. But here in Tennessee, in July we'll be begging for Read More
Today when I sent out my daily email I sent out a couple of pictures of my tomatoes and my green beans.  The message was about miracles of a tiny seed growing beautiful fruit, but this blog is about our economy and food prices, gas prices etc.  Read More
In memory and thanks for all the men and women who have given their lives for our country and those still facing dangers everyday or the loved ones at home worrying, I send blessings and light to this country.  I am sending hope that we, the people, Read More
This weekend we are all busy as beavers.  We have so much to do even on our long weekend, we sometimes forget to keep our spiritual lives active and intact.  Beaver is the doer in the animal world.  Beaver medicine is water and earth energy Read More
My favorite time of day is the early morning, but next to that is right as the sun is setting with the quietness of the evening as people are home eating their dinner, putting their feet up after a long day, and even the animals seem to start resting Read More
A while back, Oprah had a show based on a book a doctor wrote about when we get that " hmmm....something isn't right " in the back of our head and can't shake it, we should listen to it because spirit is telling us to beware.  Today I got this Read More
Do you believe in the down right, feel like a kid again, excited to wake up in the morning, with giggles on your lips and warmth in your heart, kind of love.  The kind where you feel cherished every day.   I do.  I know that if we Read More
I've been talking alot about animal medicine today.  this last 2-3 weeks the woods have filled up with the new baby animals and more are coming out to get the bread crumbs, seeds, etc that I've put out to help them.  This evening Bob and Bets Read More
Yesterday I had a minor procedure done where I was put to sleep.  During my sleep, I dreamed of a wolf.  He came and sat down in front of me.   Wolf came to remind me to enter into aloneness sometimes because that is where the wisdom Read More
today I was thinking about Wednesday , which some call Hump day, the day of getting over the hump of the week heading toward the weekend when many are off work and can start to relax again to prepare for the next week.  I googled it and found that Read More
Today I walked past the outside stairs and a lizard was peeping out from under the shadows at me.  He didn't run away as lizards usually do, but sat comfortably unafraid looking at me.  I stopped and asked him what his message was.   Read More
This morning I've been meditating again on timing. Ah... we are creatures of time. Schedules, and boundaries, lists, and rules.  Our bodies, our jobs, our lives are all set up on time frames.  Yet spirit sees a different time then we do.  Read More
Stand strong !! You deserve the best and will have it.  Manifest your dreams.  Much love and blessings to all today. Read More
Today I was just talking to a client who was blessed enough to have seen and talked with a real angel.  It reminded me of a couple of stories that I feel I want to share today.  A young widow with her two kids were in a severe car wreck.  Their Read More
On the good things in life, my grandsons, my family, my dogs, my work.  LIfe is pretty good on this side of 50.  I get to see down the path where there are still new things to learn, to do and see coming up.  I also get to see for others Read More
The elements, earth, wind, water, and fire,  are in the universe for balance.  When even in our bodies these elements are acting accordingly we have true balance and spiritual, physical and emotional stability.  Sending light into our aura, Read More
Spirit is calling today.  The doors are opening and the good news is about to come.  I send positive light and love your way.  I am seeing good changes and want to share with you.  Talk to you soon. love ya, Me Bob and Bets. Read More
Today I had to drive to the nearby big town for a doctor's appt.  Since I was already out at the state park for my swim therapy, I took the backroads into town.  What a beautiful day it was,  I had Here comes the Sun by the Beatles on the Read More
This day is the ancient day for fertilazation, of harvest, prosperity, marriage and love.   The ancients celebrated with dance and a maypole to signify good crops, cattle and milk cows producing properly and the young women to have children.  Read More