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July 2008 - Posts

I'm writing this in green as green is the color of health, earth and money.  Times are hard right now.  Gas prices have skyrocketed, food prices are out of the world, kids are going back to school and what to do is driving us crazy.  Read More
Life is hard these days.  Everywhere we look there is something that is occurring that can cause worry.  A couple of advisors experienced the 5.4 earthquake in Ca yesterday during THEIR readings.  Please understand that has to be disruptive Read More
Sometimes we just have to start laughing.  although the situation seems frustrating, we either have to laugh or we'll cry.  This morning my assistant and I were getting the 2 dogs ready for their walk.  My boston terrior SpongeBob Squarepatches Read More
There are all kinds of relationships we have.  Family, co-workers, friends, lovers, husbands, wives, children are all different kinds of relationships.   When someone that we are seeing, being intimate with, friends with, says to us, " Read More
I was glad to see that another advisor is using the same book I do for answers from the animals and the messages that they bring to us.  Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  They give good reference to what the animals are trying Read More
"You must be careful how you walk, and where you go, for there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set." -   --  Robert Edward LeeEveryday I take inventory of the person I am now.  Am I truly being Read More
Blogs are for information, for lessons shared, for new ideas, etc.  I don't like to put problems on the blogs because I see them as an opportunity to help people grow.  This being said, however,  there is a bug  that some advisors Read More
One of my clients wrote me this after I wrote a message on fear.  She said she heard this a long time ago and we don't know where it came from but I thought it kinda neat. FEAR: ...False...Evidence...Appearing...Real.What we see isn't always what Read More
Have we ever thought about keeping a daily journal?  I've long kept dated journals which help me go back to the times even as a teenager when I can see miracles, and the way the universe works in our lives.  The way I do it, is I keep 2.  Read More
"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?" -   --  Albert CamusFinding peace within our own life is different for each person.  Yesterday when I took a few hours off to get my car, my Read More
This morning hummingbird came right up to my patio door fussing there was no water in the feeder.   He reminded me of the joy of the morning of each new day. You know here, we make a sugar water substance to put in the hummingbird feeders and Read More
Monday at my swim therapy class, the instructor had on bear claw earrings.  She was asking me what exactly the power of the bear was.   Bear medicine is very strong medicine.  It is the medicine of wisdom, and of strength.  The Read More
Well, I'm back home.  It's good to be home in Tenneessee with my little dogs but I already miss my family there in Mexico.   We had some great times.  If you get out to San Diego, get to the zoo and Sea world.  There is such energy Read More
Sometimes for our inner being, for our souls and for our serenity, there comes a time when we must retreat, renew and rebuild our own energy.  Sometimes for others sake, for their relief, for their sanity, for their inner souls, we must take the Read More
Wow, It is a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining and the cool breeze off the ocean is blowing.  Here is BajaMar community in Mexico, everyday we see the animals.  There are lizards, many many rabbits and squirrels, birds, and lynx.  Read More
Always remember our dreams.  Write them down, date them.  See how often we dream about the same things and compare our lives with what our dreams are telling us.   Dreams can show us our hopes, can show us our fears, can bring alive Read More
Tonight I will be available from 8:30 pm Pacific time until 11 pm pacific time. I will also be available from 8 am - 1 pm Pacific time Sunday morning. talk to you soon. blesssings Read More
Sorry for my sporadic availability lately.  I am visiting my family in Mexico .  I will be on July 4th in the am from 8 am - 1 pm pacific and later in the evening again<  Today we have been busy visiting Fox Studio, the beach, eating Read More
Today we stood at the french windows looking down at the ocean.  What a beautiful site.  The ocean is immense.  It shows us the magnitude of life.  The tide goes in and out just like life goes in and out.  Water is the element Read More
I love my work with keen.  It is my heart, my joy and my passion.  I work very hard to share with many and give them a piece of my love to take with them as they get through their days and through their ups and downs.   Until July Read More