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October 2008 - Posts

The season for candles is really starting now.  Of course we all use candles all the time, but this time of year we seem to use them more and more.  Halloween, Christmas, the scent and glow of candles just seem to enhance the season.  There Read More
There are some things we just don't discuss around the dinner table, politics and religion.  We don't discuss these subjects with our friends, our relatives and definitely not with our enemies.  Unless we want a fight, don't bring it up. The Read More
I normally leave politics alone.  Surest way to make an enemy, but this time people we ALL need to stand up for our beliefs and make our country strong again.  Please vote.  And vote responsibly .  Please don't vote because of race, Read More
Today we are blessed with a new day in which to be alive.  We have joys, and we have hurts.  But here we wake up from our sleep with a brand new day to either be happy or to only think about what we don't have and be miserable.  How do Read More