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Libra Horoscope (RSS)

Monthly horoscope for Libra, personally written and created by The Psychic One.
As you start the month of November the first concern will be connected to the home. You may relocate, renovate or make changes around the home. It could be that someone is moving in or out of the home. You may paint a room or buy new furniture. Read More
It's all about you and the partner this month. It's about what you want and what you need in life. You will focus on your priorities and the priorities of others. It's going to be a time for you to take the initiative and set your priorities to Read More
It is going to be the month were you will have to take a closer look around you and see what does and does not work for you. There may be some revelations that may be a bit disappointing and others that can bring happiness. It can be a time to Read More
The month should be very important for you as you still seem to be open, friendly and social. You will spend time with friends and make new friends. It's also a wonderful time to be part of a group or organization. You will make a wonderful leader Read More
The main priority for you this month will be on love, children and your career. You will be very busy with work projects which could easily affect your health. At the same time a lover or child may need majority of your attention. On July 1st Read More
The year will begin with a new moon eclipse on January 15th falling in your 4th house of home. The next 6 months may bring a new home or you relocated. You may make some changes around the current home. It will be a wonderful time for you to seek Read More
On June 2nd your focus will be on taking care of obligation related to health and your well-being. Your time to rest and relax is now. You can catch up on sleep or even plan or take a vacation. Additional dates to rest, relax and vacation are Read More
The month will bring a time for you to focus on finances especially in relation to taxes and credit. You will also take time to focus on you and letting go old energy. On May 2nd you will experience a time of being able to take time for yourself Read More
Venus will enter your 8th house of joint resources, taxes and credit on April 1st. The next 4 weeks will bring a time for you to gain through a bonus, commission, child support, alimony, loan or credit. You may also receive a tax refund or other Read More
The month will make you focus mainly on  work, service and health projects. It may also bring a time when your concern will be more about your work ethics, money and your pet. There will be several wonderful dates to look forward to related Read More
You are the sign that just loves to be loved and wants to enjoy giving it back/ This is the month of love for you because you just enjoy giving love and affection. You could not ask for a better month than this month. You are enjoying the full Read More
Happy New Year The full moon eclipse from December 31st fell in your 10th house of career. An eclipse has an affect that last up to 6 months. The next 6 months will bring a time you may experience a career change. It could be that you leave one Read More
On June 1st Mars will enter your 8th house of joint resources, taxes and credit. The next 7 weeks will bring a time for you to focus on tax or credit issues. You may pay off a big debt or bill. Your sex life will increase too. On June 2nd you Read More
You will be focused on a partner this month. The partner may be business or personal especially since now Venus is back in your 7th house of partnerships. The entire month will be focused on your partner and being able to compromise. You will Read More
You seem to be focusing on your own personal wants and needs and your partners. You will also feel a strong need to work hard for the money even if you are already investing long extended hours at work. Finances are your concern on April 2nd and Read More