May 2010 - Posts

People call Mbr to get the truth not stories or what they want to hear. There is only one person that I trust to answer questions that people face which is myself. That is the reason that every time a person calls only one person answers the phone. I Read More
I decided that I was going to run a one day special. I have lowered my price from 1.89 a min to 1.27 a min. This is a one day special starting May 20, 2010 and ending on May 21, 2010. If you have a question call me now and get the answers cheaper than Read More
I always wonder which is better to do. Do you tell the people that are in need of advice what they want to hear or do you tell them the truth? I always tell people the truth. The reason that I always tell the person the truth is simple. I have to look Read More
Looking for the truth? That is all I offer people when they call me. It is the simple truth. Sometimes the truth is hard to accept and it might not be what you want to hear but it is the truth. I was told by one of the people that I advise that I could Read More
I am offering a Saturday special. After every paid call I will send the caller free minutes. Now is the time to call if you have questions about what is happening in your life. I can be found under the Tarot reading area but I have many skills other than Read More
I know I am good at what I do. I just don't understand why there are people out there that feel like they have to honor you by giving you an award. Yes that is right I am receiving yet another award for another year of service to my trade. I was ask if Read More
Life is good. God is great. I have been given a gift a gift and at times I believe that it is a curse as well. I hate it when I am reading a person and have to give them bad news about whatever it s the person is asking about. I love it when I read a Read More
If you have a question about what is happening in your life you should give an adviser a call. I would like that adviser to be myself. I have many talents and my skills are sharp. Allow me to answer your questions. when you call MBR you get just one person Read More
Many people that i have helped told me the other day that I can use them in a blog if I like. I told them that I would not use them but if they wanted to give me something that I could post I would do that. This is what they had to say. You are a great Read More
I normally don't work on Friday night with all the faces that pop up on the website that I don't see Monday through Friday. I have decided that I will work tonight only because there is a person that is going to call me that will need my advise. I am Read More
I have talked to many of the people that I have helped over the many years that I have been giving advice.  A few of my clients have informed me that they were reading blogs and even though they were not named personally in the blogs that the information Read More
People always say that you get what you pay for. It has been my experience that this in some cases is true. I know I charge a 1.89 for my services and if I could afford to charge less I would. The gift that I have been given from God is supposed to be Read More
I have had several request from people to start telling about how I have been active in helping my clients. I tell my clients what it is I see taking place in their life. God has granted me this gift and I use it to help the people that want help. There Read More
God is good and he proves it everyday. I am using the gift that god has granted me to reach the people that want help. You have questions give me a call. Read More
The lord has guided me and has help me by giving me a gift. The gift that the lord has granted he wants me to use to help people find the path that the person is suppose to be on. Love, career and relationships or any other questions that a person has Read More