October 2012 - Posts

I love Halloween it is the greatest day of the year. The kids all get dressed up and we give them candy for it. Isn't life great. We make the kids earn the rewards. Isn't life great. I am working and will be working today but will take a break during Read More
The 1.60 per minute is a normal price. I do not believe that people should have to pay high rates to get the information that they want or need. I have had a few advisers call me and bash me to try to discredit me. They ask fake questions and only stay Read More
Is it so hard to believe that there is an adviser out here that cares more about what is happwning with you than your money. That is why I only charge a 1.60 per minute. Be warned up front that all you will get from me is the truth. I do not pull punches Read More
I have noticed that there are a lot of advisers that are starting to run specials. My price of a 1.60 per minute is not a special. That is my normal price and will stay that way until Keen makes me raise it. I was forced once into raising my rate because Read More
Yes it has been another busy day for me with the network that I work for as well as here. Which means that my post is late getting out. I really try to get the post out by no later than 10 am est time but here the last few days I haven't been able. I Read More
I am getting my post out late today. I know several people use this to see when I am working and when I am not. I have been busy most of the day with helping people here and working for the network. If I am not around please set a call back for me and Read More
I don't know why it is people are having such a hard time with my price. I can only assume that the people that call me are happy with the price but the other people sending me e-mails aren't so happy. Does anyone that want and need help think I should Read More
It is Sunday and I am here to help. Yes I am working on a Sunday. I am also working for the psychic network as well. That means that there will be times that I will not be around to take your call. If this is the case please set a call back. I promise Read More
Yes I am still getting bashed because of my low rates. I don't know why other readers are having such concerns about what I am charging. It could be that they are afraid that some of the people that they are reading for might find me and give me a chance. Read More
I kind of took yesterday off. I was here working but really didn't let anyone know that I was around. The psychic network had me really busy so it wasn't going to be fair to everyone here. I am here today to help those that want my help. At a 1.60 per Read More
I know that my profile is hard to find on this site. I will not bid to be placed on the front pages. This is why most of the people that I help are referrals. If I wanted to raise my rate then I could be on the front pages but that would not be fair to Read More
I am only a 1.60 which means I am not here for the money. I am here because I really enjoy helping people. I am normally hard to find on this site because I am so cheap I won't bid to be in the higher spots. A lot of the people I help find me under life Read More
A lot of people on Keen has sent me e-mails telling me that I need to raise my rates. Some of these people that I have told me to raise my rates have actually called me. They needed answers and they called me. I find it funny that these people are telling Read More
At 1.60 I am a great deal. Most of the people that read with me come back again and again. I don't use fear to keep a call going. I don't use fear of lost to get you to call me back. There are some advisers that use fear to keep calls going or to keep Read More
Get the answers that you want and need for only a 1.60 per minute. I don't believe that the information that is needed should cost you an arm and a leg. That is the only reason I am so low in the price. Call now800 275 5336 ext 04198712MBR Psychic10-10 Read More
A 1.60 per minute is not a special price. It is my normal price. I get e-mails from advisers telling me to raise my rates. I have received e-mails from people on here asking when the special price is going to end. I am not raising my rates and the 1.60 Read More
It is another wonder weekend. I see a lot of people are on again that are not here during the week. Do you really want a person that is only doing this to make extra money or do you want a person that does this for a living. I am on Keen so cheap not Read More
I don't think having a higher price on something or having to pay more is always the best deal. I am cheap I don't hide it. I also don't hide the fact that I work for an exclusive psychic network. The network that I work for pays my bills. I am here for Read More
My price is still the same. A 1.60 per minute and it will not change. In these hard times money is tight for a lot of people. That is why I am so cheap. It is not that I am not worth a higher rate because I know that I am. I am really here just to help Read More
I like it when I read people on here having specials. That tells me that they know they are charging to much and really aren't worth the prices. I do not judge people for what they do or what they charge. Although I seem to get judged quite a bit. There Read More
My price is always 1.60 per minute. I don't need to run specials to get people to call me. I am here to answer the questions that you have. Get you the answers that you want. I am going to be upfront and honest with you. You might not like the answers Read More
Just because my price is lower than most people on here does not mean that I am not good. Price does not always mean that the person is better. I am here just to help people. This is a calling for me not a job. That is why I am so cheap. You have questions Read More