April 2013 - Posts

I know times are hard. Money is tight and seems like there is no end in sight. Yet the questions still come. I don't charge high dollar prices for this very reason. I am here to help you with your questions. I do not judge anyone for anything.I do work Read More
It is Sunday and like I always see on the weekends is a bunch of people that I don't see during the week. This just tells me that most of these people have jobs and this is extra money to them. This is all I do for a living. I work here to help people. Read More
I was helping a person last night with their problems and this person made a comment to me. This person stated that I was found through the blog here and if this person would have known how nice warm and friendly I am the call would have come a lot sooner. Read More
I have many skills to many to list. I use them all to help you get to the answers that you are looking for. I have helped many people in my time and I always find it an honor to be chosen to help anyone. I am adviser that will not judge you for the choices Read More
I have many skills to help you get to the answers as to what is taking place. No one problem is the same. No situation is the same. There will always be something that is different from one issue to another. I am here just to help you figure out what Read More
Get the information that you want and need for only a 1.89 per minute. I will say this do not call me if you want a feel good story. Call me if you want the truth. I was just bashed because a told a caller something that the caller didn't want to hear. Read More
I have read for many people in the pass. I have read for other reader all the way to the rich and famous. It does not matter to me you are still a person. I am here to help you with the problems that you are facing. I use all of the skills that I have Read More
I have many skills that I use to answer your questions. I am quick and honest. I don't believe in wasting your time or your money. In these times most homes need two incomes to make it. In other words times are tough and seem to be getting tougher. This Read More
I am still only charging a 1.89 which is a great price. It is cheaper than most of the people on Keen and other networks. I also love reading for new people. I know some advisers don't like it but I love reading people. This is a calling for me not a Read More
I read a blog today that really got me going. This blog stated that it is important to talk for a few minutes before you get into your questions. I see this only as a way to get more money out of you. It does not take 2 to 4 minutes to make a connection Read More
I am not a believer in higher cost makes something better. I charge so little because information that is needed should not cost a person an arm and a leg. Most people that read with me once come back for more advice. I think that right there say something Read More
My profile is hard to find. I refuse to pay to be on the front page of this website. The people that really need my help seem to find me. I just want to let everyone else know if you want a  good adviser for a cheap price look me up. My profiles Read More
Everyone has questions. It could be about work or about a relationship. Questions will always be there and sometimes we just need answers to what is happening. In this day and age times are tough for a lot of people. The money is tight and I get that. Read More
Have questions? Allow me the honor of helping you with those questions. I have been very busy today with the network that I work for so this post is getting out late. I have a lot of skills and I use all of them to get you the answers that you want and Read More
I am not a believer in more expensive means better. I know I can charge more than 1.89 per minute but I don't believe that the information that you want and need should cost you an arm and a leg. This is why I only charge a 1.89 per minute. I am here Read More
At a 1.89 per minute I am cheaper than most here on Keen. In fact from what I have seen personally I am cheaper than most psychic networks. I am not one that is going to waste your time. I know I have read a very blogs where the adviser is saying that Read More
I have a lot of skills that I use to answer your questions. I'm not one of these advisers that believe in wasting your time. I get you the answers as quickly as I can.   Most people call me back after the first call. The ones that don't call Read More
I am an adviser to the advisers. I have so many people in this world and I find that to be rewarding. That is why I do not charge an arm and a leg to help people. It is an honor for me to help anyone with the problems that they are facing. Information Read More
I am getting this post out late. This happens sometimes depending on how busy my day is. The network that I work for has kept me busy this morning. I have received some e-mails from people asking me to post some of the information that I have given to Read More