May 2013 - Posts

I have to say this. I took a bad rating from a caller that claims I spent most of the time getting name. I can not help it if you call from a cell phone in a bad cell area and you are breaking up. He gave me a bad rating for a 2 minute call. I normally Read More
I know with the skills that I have I could charge more than I do. In fact there for awhile I was charging a higher rate to get some of the advisers to stop e-mailing me. I guess those advisers was losing people to me because of my rate and the fact that Read More
Most people that call me want the truth not a story. I am one that will always tell you the truth. Sometimes the truth isn't what we want to hear. We would all like to hear that life is always good and it is only going to get better. In some cases that Read More
I have been told that I should tell people about some of my readings that I have done. That these reading will show everyone that I am telling the truth and I am the real deal. I can not do this to the people that I have read for. It is their life and Read More
I am working just a few hours today. Everyone is welcome to call me. I love dealing with first time caller and people that have never talked to a psychic before. I am really good at placing people at easy. You should never feel like there is a question Read More
Yes I am working today. I kow that my profile is hard to find. It is because of all the people that are normally not here during the week. These people only work on weekends and holidays which they spend money to be place in front of people that are here Read More
I know that my profile is hard to find on the weekends and holiday. That is because I like keeping my price as low as possible. I know a lot of people can not afford the high rates. Times are hard and it seem like it only getting harder. I am an adviser Read More
I have a lot of skills that I use to get you the answers that you are looking for. It is always good to base discussions on true facts. I only offer the truth as to what is happening. I am straight forward quick with the answers that you need. It is the Read More
I know I posted once today already. I am posting this to let everyone know that the price is a 1.89 now. This is cheaper than most people here on Keen well at 2.50 I was still cheaper than most. I changed the price to a 1.89 because I was getting hammered Read More
It is a holiday weekend/ I will be working this weekend to help those that need and or want my help. I know that my profile is going to be hard to find. I have already notice that there are a few profiles working now that are not normally around until Read More
Looking for answers. You want to truth about is taking place. Give me a call. Only if you want the truth. I have a lot of skills that I use to get you the information that you are looking for. I am quick with the information and as detail as I can be. Read More
Have you ever felt like you were a number and not a person. The adviser that you called is cold mean and rude. That the only reason the adviser is taking your call is because he or she wants your money. That what you are dealing with isn't important at Read More
I know that my profile is hard to fine. I always get buried on the weekends. It is because of all the people that only do this on the weekends. I can be found easier under Life Questions than I can be in Psychic Reading. Even there I am still 3rd or 4th Read More
I love helping people with their problems or just giving them insight as to what is happening. I know some adviser don't like new callers. I love reading new people. If it your first time with me or first time ever talking to a psychic I'll have you at Read More
It is another weekend and here again I see a lot of advisers on that I don't see any other time. I have to say that if I was looking for adviser on a situation I would want to know that this is what my adviser does for a living. I am here not only on Read More
I am not one to say that I am a great reader. I sure am not one that will talk about the people that I help. I have been told by many that I can use their stories in these blogs so people that read them will know what has happened. I will not do that. Read More
I have been told that I should not care about the people that I help. That I should be cold. That is not how I work. I care about the people that want my help. I give you the facts about what is happening and why it is happening. I do this in a warm friendly Read More
As a reader or adviser for the last 24 years I have helped a lot of people. I have ran across many other readers or advisers during this time as well. I don't understand some of these advisers or readers mentality. These adviser or reader believe that Read More
I like reading for new people. I find it a great honor when a person allows me to help him or her with the problems that they are facing. I know there are some people that don't like taking on new people. I am an adviser that is straight to the point. Read More
Allow me to say this first.I am only going to be working for a short time today. I am not real sure as to how long I will be around. I love to read new people. I really enjoy reading people that have never read with a psychic before. When a person that Read More
In this profession there are a lot of people that do this only part time. They do it when they are not at their real job. This is all I do. I work this site pretty cheap and I work for an exclusive psychic network. When you are facing hard questions and Read More
There are times when the truth is hard to hear. There are times when the truth is easy to hear. I am an adviser that will only tell you the truth. Sometimes the truth is good and sometimes the truth isn't what you want to hear. Telling the truth to what Read More
I am a very skilled adviser or reader which ever you want to call me. I have many gifts that I use to get you the answers that you are looking for or need. I am quick and don't believe in wasting your time. I know some advisers treat people like they Read More
I do this not for money. I do this because I just want to help people. There is no greater joy in the world for me than knowing that I have helped someone with their problem. You will get only the truth from me. I am fast and don't waste your time. Do Read More
I have read for many readers some even from Keen. I have many skills that I use to get the information that you are looking for. I use them all to get to the bottom of the situation so you can make the best choice for you. I never judge anyone for the Read More
Looking for answers to what is happening with that special someone? Having issues at work? These are problems that I answer everyday. It doesn't matter if you are rich and famous or just barely making it. You are a person and should have an adviser that Read More
I have talked to a few people that have told me how nice and warm I am. I was surprised when these people told me this. That they have talked to another adviser before me and that adviser was mean cold and judgmental. I want it known that I am here to Read More