July 2013 - Posts

I am here to help people. That is why I charge so little. I know I am ever bit as good if not better than the people charging 4.99 and higher. There are a few advisers on here charging high dollar that I know for a fact have lost people to me. These people Read More
I am not a believe that something that cost more is better. I had a first time caller last night and this caller said that I was better than the last adviser that this person talked to. That I was on point and the price was a lot better. This goes to Read More
Several of the people that I have help on here has suggested that I say a little something about myself to let people know what I am all about. I really don't like talking about myself because I am not here for me but to help those that want help. I listen Read More
I don't know to many people that are talking to an adviser or a reader that isn't upset and confused about something. In fact most of my first time people that I help are really upset about something. Yes I am like everyone else I enjoy talking  Read More
I like new callers. I enjoy reading for people. I can not believe that I had a new caller last night that told me that a reader did not want to help him. That this reader was rude cold and was not taking any new people right now and for him to send her Read More
I don't get it and maybe you don't either. I have heard that there are readers or advisers out there that don't want to take on new callers. That there are readers out there that want to waste your time by talking about anything other than your questions. Read More
Why pay more for the information and answers that you want and need? I charge only a 1.89 per minute because information should not cost a person and arm and leg. Life is hard enough sometimes and going broke getting the answers you need shouldn't be Read More
It is the weekend and like always my profiles are harder to find. Do you really want an adviser that is only around on the weekends? You want an adviser that only does this to make extra money? If these questions were asked to me I would have to say no. Read More
I am here working by request of some of the people that I help. I normally keep a low profile on Saturday and Sunday but I figure I would let everyone know that I am working. I have many skills that I use to help you get the answers that you want and Read More
You have questions allow me the honor of helping you get the answers. I charge so little because this is a calling for me. I know that times are hard and money is always tight. I don't believe that getting the insight that you want and need should cost Read More
I have always seen it as an honor to be chosen by people to help them with their problems. I have heard from people that an adviser that they talked to was mean, cold or judgmental with them. That the adviser appeared to be bothered by them calling that Read More
I know that there are some advisers out there that only want to deal with happy people. They will say things like don't call if you are sad or mad about something. That you need to be happy and calm to get a good reading. That is because those advisers Read More
I have many skills that I use to answer your questions. I have helped many people understand what is happening at work. When they were going to find work. What is taking place in a relationship. Do you have these kind of questions? Allow me the honor Read More
I hear from time to time that some advisers don't like reading for new people. I like helping people. New people are always welcome to call me. People find me warm, friendly and nice. Some of the people I help even find me funny. I do encourage the people Read More
I know that my profiles are hard to find. The weekend it gets even harder. Most people look under Psychic Reading to find a person for a reading. My profiles are under Life Questions and Financial Outlook. It doesn't matter which profile you want to use Read More
I have many skills that I have used over the last 24 years plus to help people. I have read for all kind of people. I do not believe that one person is more important than another person. Everyone has problems. get an adviser that will not judge you for Read More
I know that my profiles are hard to find. The best place to find them is under Life Questions or Financial Outlook. I handle everything from romantic relationships to working issues. I use all my skills to get you the information that you want and need, Read More
I read something the other day and I had to comment on it. This blog was telling people basically not to call when you are upset. That if you do call when you are upset you are not going to get a good reading. I had to make a comment about that. Of course Read More
I have a lot of skills that I use to help you get to the truth. You have questions about your relationship or work. Allow me the honor of helping you get the answers. I don't believe that a higher price makes a person better. I know that most people that Read More
I am so sorry that my post is getting out so late today. I know a lot of people that I help use this to find out is I am working or not. I have been here working all day. The exclusive network I work for as well as here has kept me busy. This is the first Read More
Life is always throwing something at us. Sometimes it is good sometimes it is bad. Sometimes we have to go though bad to get to the good. There is one thing that is for sure. We don't always know what we are dealing with or looking at and this leaves Read More
There is a saying in the world. You get what you pay for. I don't really believe this to be the case. I don't believe that a higher price makes one product better than another product. I don't charge an arm and a leg. I am not here to make money. I am Read More
I know I am getting this post out late today. I have been busy with the exclusive network and with people from Keen. This is the first chance I have had to get this out. I have many skills that I use to help you get to the truth behind what is taking Read More