October 2013 - Posts

Happy Halloween to everyone out there. This is my fav holiday. The day that the kids get to go out and dress up and have a really good time. Those of you that work with kids or have children know what I am talking about with the joy. I an here today for Read More
It is another day and yet people still have questions. It doesn't matter to me what the question is about. It could be a relationship issue or work issue. I am just here to help you figure out what is truly taking place so you know what is the best choice Read More
I have always had this concept that sometimes cheaper is better. An apple is an apple no matter what brand you buy. No one can say this is not true. Yet we all know that not all apples cost the same. Some apples are more than other apples. If the apple Read More
Everyone has problems from time to time. Some of us know what is taking place and some of us have that question of what just happened. That question always leaves us with a since of confusion. We really don't know what happen. I am here to help you figure Read More
I am amazed that I get new callers telling me that I have treated them so well. That they feel like after just a few minutes with me that they are talking to a friend that is giving them so very important information. You are a person that have real feeling. Read More
I am the one to call when you are in tears. Why do I make such a statement? I will calm you down and give you a true reading. I have heard from many people that have called me that their normal adviser will not deal with them when they are in tears about Read More
I am getting this out kind of late today. I have been busy with the exclusive psychic network that I also work for. I am here now and ready to help all those that want my help. Unlike so advisers I welcome new comers. May that be a new caller to me or Read More
There is a time to hang in there and then there is a time to get out. Sometimes we know when to get out sometimes we don't know and there are times when we know and don't want to act on it.Hanging in there with a job or a partner sometimes is the right Read More
Times are hard. When people here that they think only about one area of life. That is financial. Let's face it sometimes the money is doing ok there are bigger problems to solve. Those problems could be with a partner or something else taking place in Read More
I have heard from some of the new people that have contacted me that the adviser or reader that they normally call don't want to talk to them when they are upset, confused or concerned. This makes no sense to me at all. Must of the people that call me Read More
I have many skills and I know that I can charge more for the skills that I have. I don't believe that it should cost a person an arm and a leg to get the information that they want or need. I am here to help people not to make money. I have read for many Read More
Life is fun. It has a funny way of tossing things at us when we are not ready for it. It doesn't matter what is taking place at the time. Life is going to toss out a curve ball and now we have to deal with it. Dealing with life little mishaps is a lot Read More
In this day and age with everything getting so tight why pay more. I have discover that in most cases paying more the the same item under a different  name brand doesn't make it better. An apple is an apple and bread is bread. Doesn't matter what Read More
It is amazing how things always seem to be showing up. It doesn't matter if you are ready for it or not issues always come. Most of the time when problems show up is when  we are lease expecting them to. Money is tight and life is filled with all Read More
In this world there are many reasons why people become confused. It really boils down to one reason. We don't understand what is happening. If we can't understand what is happening how can we fix it or understand it. This can happen in jobs or relationships. Read More
Yes I know 1.89 per minute is cheap. I am not here to make money. I am here to help people. I charge so little because I want to help as many people as I can. I also understand that times are hard. Money always seems to becoming up short and the prices Read More
I know I didn't post anything yesterday. I was here and I was working. I just didn't have any time to get a post out. I want everyone to know that if I am not around just arrange a call with me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am here to Read More
There are two ways to live life. One way is to sit still and do nothing and the other is to move forward. Sitting still sometimes is the right move for a time period. This only applies in certain situations. Most of the time if a person is sitting still Read More
Every now and again I will get asked this question. Why is life so hard? Normally this is related to a relationship question. There is no simple answer for this. I wish there was but ever situation is different which can make life hard. Sometimes it is Read More
In this world that we all live in there is one simple truth that needs to be known. That truth is that sometimes the truth is hard to hear. I get bashed from time to time when I have to tell someone something they don't want to hear. Please understand Read More
A higher price doesn't always mean that it is better. I know that I am cheap but does that mean that I am not good at what I do. I have helped a lot of people since I have come to Keen. I am honored to have helped these people. This is part of the reason Read More
It is a new month which could mean new problems and some of the same problems. That is the funny thing about issues that come up. The issues don't care about if it is a good time for you to deal with it or not. Yet these problems still come and we still Read More