November 2013 - Posts

Hi all I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am going to be working all weekend since I was gone for a couple of days. Plus some of the people I already help like it when I am on during the weekend. So here I am putting up with all those Read More
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I wish you all the very best Thanksgiving. I am around if there is anything I can help you with. 800 275 5336 ext 04198712MBR Psychic11-28 no real working hours today. If I am not around do an arrange call and I will get Read More
I have sent out e-mails to everyone to inform them that my price is going up at 8pm est. I am going to be working on Thanksgiving. At 8 pm eastern standard time my price will go up but will come back down on Friday. What time on Friday I don't know? It Read More
In this world there are going to be times when you are upset, sad and confused. That is the way it is in this wonderful world. Most of the time we are upset or sad because we are confused about something. well I am here to help clear up this confusion Read More
I live my life by one simple rule. Always tell the truth. I think I have been straight forward with everyone about telling them not to call if you are not willing to accept the truth. The truth at times is not what we want to hear but it is the truth. Read More
This is a rare Sunday for me to be working. I have been asked via e-mail by several of the people that I have helped to work on Sunday to make it easier for them. Here I am working on Sunday for the people that asked for me to do it. I am always open Read More
It is the weekend. There are many advisers here that are not here during the week. This makes it even harder to find me. Here is the question. Who do you want helping you in your time of confusion and need? Do you want the person that is only here to Read More
The one thing that we can all count on in this world is the fact that there will always be questions. Finding the answers to those questions can be a little harder than the question. Having the truth on your side will always lead you to the right answer Read More
I am always willing to be of any help I can to anyone. It doesn't matter to me if you are a first time caller to me or if you are one of the people that I talk with on a regular basics. You will find that I am the same person from call one to call however Read More
How good am I is a question I get asked from time to time. My answer has always been one of humble nature. I do not brag like some other do about being this or that. I let others do the talking for me. I am a very humble person and I see it as an honor Read More
Topic of the day and most days is what is happening. What is actually happening inside your relationship? Is it over? Is this the right person? Why is this happening? These are just a few questions that I get asked. I am not one that is going to give Read More
In this world there are questions and then there are statements. Sometimes people don't know if what was said is a statement or a question. This at times can be very tricky if you don't know what is going on. Allow me to help you figure out what is really Read More
Power: What is it really? A lot of people have this idea that having power is the ability to control other or situations. There are some that this is true for. It is the only way these people know. Power really isn't about control over others or situations. Read More
I get asked this question from time to time. Why do you charge so little? You are worth a lot more than the 1.89 per minute. The answer is simple. It feels good to help people. All the gifts that I have and use to answers the questions about the problems Read More
The age old question that everyone wants or needs an answer to. What is the deal? This question covers many areas. Relationship, work and money.There are times in our lives that we have no idea what is happening. It could be in just one area or it could Read More
I know a lot of people I help use my blog to figure out if I am working or not. I have been working all morning just haven't had time to post anything until now. I am a warm friendly kind non-judgmental adviser. I have read for many people from all walks Read More
I would like to thank all the Vets that fought for my freedom. These vets are the real heroes of the times. They did what they had to do when it had to be done. I would like to Thank all of you for this. Thank you to all of you that are severing and have Read More
I don't know why so people feel that paying more for something means you are getting a better product. Most of the time you are paying for a name and that is about it. An apple is an apple and is still grown on trees.  I know that I am going to pay Read More
there are three ways to live life. One way is to stand still and do nothing. The another way is to always move backwards. The last way is to move forward. Standing still and moving backwards are sometimes the right move for a very short time period and Read More
Everyday I can count on my e-mail having some advisers or readers telling me that I need to raise my rates. Here is a shocker. I haven't raised my rates and I am not going to. I am not on Keen to make money I am here to help. I have an exclusive network Read More
The age old question. Is it time? This is a catch all question. Is it time for what?Time to start a new career, new relationship buy a new home it could be all kind of things. I have a lot of skills and I use them all to help you get the answers that Read More
Remember back in the day when times were simpler. We didn't seem to have a care in the world. Then somewhere along the way things starting stacking up. Now we have all kinds of questions. That is why I am here is to help you with these questions. The Read More