January 2014 - Posts

Don't you love it when people come into your life and say I am just here to try to make things better. I am here to improve your life not make it worst. Then everything seems to go wrong. This happens a lot in life. A person comes in and then the bomb Read More
Let's be honest about things here. Money in this day and age is always tight for most of us. We go to the store looking for deals. Why do we do this because the money is tight. I mix no words about it I am cheap I only charge a 1.89 per minute. Does that Read More
I get e-mails from some of the people I help. Sometimes they ask me to post their story on the blog. This is their choice and I always ask them three times if they are sure they want to to do that. After they say yes three times I post what they wrote. Read More
I have been doing this for awhile. I mean reading/ advising/helping people for over 24 years now. Been here on Keen for one reason and one reason only. I am here to help people. My price at a 1.89 makes that real clear. I don't waste time with trying Read More
Why pay more for the same information. I charge so little because I am here just to help. I don't see a need in charging outrages rates to give you the information that you want and need. I am not here to get rich. I am not here to help just those that Read More
I know that this is getting out late. I am very sorry about that but it is a good topic. Why do things seem to be working against me? Why is it taking so long? These are very common questions. There is no real easy answer because ever situation is different. Read More
Every so often I get this from a new person calling me. I really don't get why this is but I do hear it at least once a week. Call back when you are not so emotional or I am not taking on new clients. These are statements that have been made to me by Read More
This is an e-mail that a person sent me and asked me to put in my blog. I have been calling mbr psychic ( Dan ) for over a year now. I have so many events that I can talk about since he has helped me with almost everything. This event took place not long Read More
Let's face it. Life is hard enough as it is. There never seems to be enough time or money to do the things we want to do. Then we get hit with the add stress of having issues with work or relationships. It seems to be a never ending story. All this stuff Read More
There are times in this world when we think that we want something or someone. There are times when we get what we want. Then again there are times when we don't. Then there are times when we get what we want just not when we want it. This world can be Read More
I am a little late getting this out today but I have been busy.I am here to help the people that want help. First step in anything is figuring out what is truly taking place. This at times can be really hard to do. There are several reasons why this can Read More
This is was e-mailed to me from a person I already help. I called MBR ( Dan ) and let me tell you I was not disappointed. He was and has been very good with me about everything that has been going on in my life. Even when he has to tell me the bad Read More
What is true power? Is it being the CEO of a company? Is it being some kind of super star? Is it having money and being able to do whatever you like when you want?Is being able to control another person? How about being able to control a situation? well Read More
I was asked to blog on this subject. The people that I read for. I don't know why that is important to some people but I said that I would write about subjects that people wanted to know about. I have read and still do read or advise some famous people Read More
Does it happen? The answer is yes something will happen. Life does not stop moving just because we have questions. It is not like the world is going to go time out while a few people get their ducks in a row. It just doesn't work that way. Trust me at Read More
To all the people that read this. I want to know what you all would like to know what you all want me to talk about. What the subject should be? If no one has figure it out I don't like talking about myself. I don't talk about the people I help. I have Read More
I am here on Keen to help people. I am a full time adviser or reader which ever term you want to use is fine with me. I do this because it is a calling. It really is about helping people for me. Which is why I am around so much. I do work for an exclusive Read More
Some people look at the title of this blog and think I am talking about the weather. I wish I was because in time we all know that is going to change. What I am talking about is relationships of all kinds. When involved in a relationship of any kind most Read More
We have all been through this at one time or another. We tell the truth or we do the right thing and we are the ones getting hammered. In this day and time it does appear that if you tell the truth and that truth isn't what someone wants to hear then Read More
I worked yesterday but didn't post anything. I was really busy with the exclusive network that I work for as well as here. If you want me today you might want to catch up with me before 1 pm. I am covering a shift with the exclusive network today starting Read More
This is an e-mail that was sent to me from a person I am already helping. This person has asked me several times to post this.When I called MBR Psychic I wasn't sure what I was going to get. He always claimed to be a straight shooter along with being Read More
I have been reading or advising people for over 25 years. I have read or advised everyone from the rich and famous to the person just getting by. You will never get me to say who all I have read for. The reading is for that person just like the reading Read More