March 2014 - Posts

I can not say this enough. I am not the person that you call for a feel good story. I know I am going to get bashed by a caller. I see this coming a mile away. I told the truth and this caller just wanted a feel good story. That this person was going Read More
Which one do you really want. Do you want someone to tell you what you want to hear or the truth. I understand that the truth at times does hurt. The hurt is only for now and yo have to deal with it now instead of later. On the other hand being told what Read More
I have read for some very important people. I have read for advisers, rock stars, movie stars and everybody in between. I have been asked this one as well. Who is the most important person I have read for. That answer is simple everyone I read for is Read More
I get asked if this 1.89 price of mine is a special. No it's not a special. It is my price and that is where it is going to stay until I am forced to move it up. I don't see me having a price change any time soon. I do laugh when I see these others doing Read More
I have to say this much I do enjoy helping people. It is a great feeling when I know that I helped a person with their problems. It is a great honor for me when a person that is having a problem and needs help reaches out to me. I know some advisers don't Read More
I have a lot of skills. Way to many to list. I use them all to get you the information that you need and want. I don't believe that information should cost an arm and a leg. I know some people look at my price and think oh yea he is cheap but he is going Read More
Yes it is Sunday I am here working for you. It is Sunday and I know that I am going to be pretty hard to find and getting harder as the day goes on. The best places to find me are Financail Outlook and Life Questions. It doesn't matter to me which profile Read More
I have a very close friend that is taking the fight to cancer. We just lost a close friend to cancer and what he decided was he is going to donate all of his sales from ebay to cancer organizations. He is doing this for the month of march. He is selling Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) because I had no love life. I couldn't even get a date with my dog with a pork chop tied around my neck. Yes people it was that bad. I asked Dan about my job first then I asked about my love life. He didn't judge me for my Read More
In this world there are a few things that we can count on. One of those is that there will always be questions. These questions range from relationship issues to work related issues. Understand this I am here to help which is why I charge only a 1.89 Read More
1.89 per minute is not a special price. That is my normal price. I don't believe that a higher price makes a person better I have a lot of skills and I answer your questions as quickly as I can. I am honest and upfront with what I see. I believe in Read More
I don't know to many people that cancer has not touch in some way shape or form. My close friend and I just lost a very close friend to cancer a few days ago. Since this lost of our close friend my friend is donating all of his sales from ebay to cancer Read More
I have been a reader/adviser for a long time. I have been reading people for over 25 years now. I get asked this question from time to time. Why don't I use a picture of myself? Who are some of the people that I have read for? The picture question is Read More
I think I have said this many times but I think I need to do it again. Those of you that use me to help you know that I am straight up and honest. I am not going to give you a story or lies. I am not going to be a yes man. If you are looking for someone Read More
I am here working but just for a few hours. Want my help call before midnight.800 275 5336 ext 04198712MBR Psychic3-16 working now until midnightPass this along This guy on ebay is taking everything he sells this month and is giving it all to cancer organizations. Read More
Let face it we have all be touch or know someone that has been touch by cancer. This guy on ebay is giving all the money to different cancer centers.This guy is selling dvd  and games pretty cheap. Look him upwww.ebay.comuser name muthead202pass Read More
This was e-mailed to me by a person I help. MBR you are the greatest. I don't always like what you tell me but the things you tell me do happen. The new job that I have is great and I am enjoying it. You did however warn me that this was going to cause Read More
I tell people in e mails and here all the time don't call me if you don't want the truth. I am a straight up tell it like it is no beating around the bush adviser/reader. I am not mean or rude about anything but you are going to get the truth. I also Read More
I guess I shouldn't call this work. I do enjoy helping people. That is why my price is 1.89 per minute. Wht you contact me you are getting an adviser that has been doing this over 24 years and has many skills. I don't use cards or other tools for a reading. Read More
I am here and I am here for you. I only charge a 1.89 per minute because I am not trying to get rich. I am here to help people. I am a very different kind of adviser. I care about what is taking place and want to do what I can to help you improve your Read More
I think it is great that I get e-mails from other advisers saying that I need to raise my rates. I think it is even better when some of those advisers sending me those e-mails are calling me for advise. Yes I said some advisers do call me for advise. Read More
In this world life is hard enough as it is. It seem like there is never an end to the questions that are out there. Some are relationships questions others are finance and others are work.It doesn't matter to me all these areas are important. I charge Read More
I don't believe in higher prices makes anything better. Go to the store you have choices as to what you want to buy and prices on those items. I am sorry but a 50 cent apple is just as good as 75 cent apple. I don't think anyone can really argue against Read More