April 2014 - Posts

I have been helping people with my skills for over 25 years now. People keep calling me back which means that I must be good at what I do. Here lately I have had several calls from new people looking for help that were upset. They had called someone else Read More
I am here on Keen not to make money but to help those people that want and need help. I understand that in this time money is always tight. That is why I am here is to help you as cheaply as I can.If I could do it cheaper than what I am charging I would. Read More
I know some of you missed me this weekend. I took a couple of days off to relax. I still did some work for those of you that did a call back. This is where I am suppose to say something about my skills sets to get new people to call me. That just isn't Read More
Oh people you just have to love it. Those of you that know my skills and want my help all know that I am here for you anytime. It's a promise that I make to all the people that come to me for my help. You just have to love the fact that some people don't Read More
Here as of late I have had several calls from new people in need of help. They all seem shocked when I answer the phone and they find out that I am a man. Is it really that strange that a man has the gifts that I have and uses them to help people?If you Read More
Happy Easter to everyone. This is the day for the Rabbit. I know some of you are now reading this going that is wrong. It was a joke people just relax life should be fun. When things aren't going right I know that it isn't very fun. I know the questions Read More
I have been helping people most of my life. Been doing this professionally now for over 25 years. I work for an very exclusive psychic network and I am here on Keen. The network is what pays my bills. I am on Keen just to reach those people that are either Read More
My rate is a 1.89 and that is not a special price. I see it all the time in e-mails call me special price of what ever it is that day. That just tells me that these advisers aren't busy for some reason. I always seem to be busy and I don't know if that Read More
I have to say this. It is amazing to me that people call me telling me they want the truth. When in fact they just what me to tell them what they want to hear. I am going to tell you the truth. It still goes back to bashing when you tell someone something Read More
This is an e-mail I received from one of the people I helpI called Dan  ( MBR Psychic) and I was crying and upset. My life partner just left me after a big fight. Dan took a couple of minutes and calmed me down. I was amazed at the fact that he never Read More
I know that I am suppose to say something great about myself to get everyone to call me. I am just not that kind of person. I have skills and I use them and the people that want the truth always call me back. If they liked what they heard or not they Read More
Here I am again working on a Sunday. No special price still only 1.89. Since it is Sunday I know I will be harder to find with all the extra people logging on for their extra money. Ask yourself this questions. Do you really want a part timer that has Read More
Never fails to amaze me that people claim they want the truth and most do. Their are some that don't. These are the ones that always give me these low ratings. Please understand this. I am not the one you call when you need a feel good story. I am the Read More
I wasn't going to post today was going to make it an easy Friday. Then come hit everyone hard on Saturday. Figure that wouldn't be right to do to all the people that need my help today. I am here ande I have been here all day. I know my profiles can be Read More
I have many skills way to many to list. I am here just to help. That is why I am so cheap. You have questions and you want answers. I am here if you are ready for the truth. I know my profile can be hard to find. Best places to look for them is under Read More
I know that I am not the easiest adviser on here to find. I assure you that many other people have found me and they like what they have found. After all they write good things about me and they call me back when they need more help. That is why I am Read More
It is Sunday and as the day gets later and later the harder it will become to find my profile. It is just the way it is on the weekends. I am here to help anyone that wants help. You will only get the truth. I know the cheap price of 1.89 per minute has Read More
Sometimes people make my blog easy and fast to write.  Here is what a person sent to me and asked me to post it. I called Dan ( MBR Psychic ) and it was my first time ever using a psychic. I was scared and really didn't know what to do or how to Read More
I am sorry that I am getting this out so late today. In know that many people use my blog to figure out if I am working or not. Rest assure I am working and I am here to help anyone that wants help. the exclusive high dollar network I work for has kept Read More
Are you confused? Do you not know what is going on? Questions about the love life? Questions on the job front? I have heard all of these questions in my time. I have been helping people for over 25 years now. I really enjoy what I do because I enjoy helping Read More
It is April 1 and it is April fool's day. I am here to help you get the answers you are looking for. As most of the people know that I already help I am kind of funny, warm friendly and I do actually care about what is taking place with whatever the situation Read More