May 2014 - Posts

Here we are again. It is Friday which means as the days goes on it will become harder and harder to find my profile. Charging as little as I do 1.89 per minute means I can not hang with those charging those high rates. I am here to help those that need Read More
Yes it is Monday but it is a special Monday. Today is a holiday which means as this days goes on all those weekend people that do this for their extra money will be on. That makes me harder to find. Here is the question for all you people out there. Do Read More
I know I am cheap. Lets face it a 1.89 per minute is cheap but I like being cheap. I am here to help those that want help and are ready for the truth. I do have to say that I do so enjoy the one stars no comments then those people end up calling me back Read More
I haven't posted anything in the last few days. I have just been really busy. I am here and I have been here and will be here if I am posting anything or not. This is an email from a person that I have helped. I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) right after Read More
I get asked a lot why am I so cheap. I am very professional and factual about my readings. Added bonus is friendly, kind normally up beat and from time to time funny.The answer is simply I am here to help those that want help. I am not going to give you Read More
I called Dan ( MBR Psychic ) back in Nov of last year. I was worried about a lot of different things at that time. I was concerned about my job, living situation and the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me. I was kind of a wreck...well looking back Read More
Those of you that I have helped already will laugh about this. I had a caller that told me that I was rude. Now I said this to those of you that know me and have used me in the passed know that I am not a rude person. Is it rude to tell the truth? If Read More
I am sorry people that I was gone for the last 4 days. Actually I was still working just didn't really put it out there that I was here. I had a tooth pulled and well I needed some recovery time. I am much better now and I am here for you. I still have Read More
I was e-mailed this and asked to post it so other could read it. I called Mbr Psychic ( Dan ) with a problem inside my relationship. He started telling all this stuff that I didn't want to hear. He told me that he was going to leave. That my husband of Read More
I have helped a lot of people in my time. I have been at this for over 25 years and I have lost count of the number of people that I have helped. I have help all kinds of people from the everyday person just trying to make ends meet to the rich and famous. Read More
Man it has been one busy day. I am sorry this is the first chance that I have had to get my post out. Lets talk about time. Those of you that know me know that I answer things as quickly as possible. I have had a few callers get mad at me because I can't Read More
I am a strong believer in moving forward. In this time it is the only way to get things done. Moving forward doesn't always mean putting the pass behind you. Sometimes it means accepting that someone from the pass is coming back into your life. Sometimes Read More