November 2014 - Posts

I am here working on Sunday for you. I know it can be kind of scary trying a new adviser out so from now until 1 pm on this profile I am going to have a lower price than normal. Everyone is welcome to call people I help already to the people that have Read More
I normally don't work Saturday or Sunday but I am working because many of the people I help already have asked me to do some Saturday since it is harder for them to catch me during the week. Here I am working on Saturday to help all those that want help. Read More
I hope that everyone had a good thanksgiving. I have been getting asked this a lot over the last few days from people that are upset. Will you talk to me in this condition ( crying )? Are you taking new clients? The answer is yes people. I am here to Read More
The last few days I have been some really upset people and some people asking me if I am taking on new clients. The answer is yes I am always here to help everyone. I don't have clients. I have people that are in need of answers and help. You are a person Read More
In this life there will always be questions. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is or what sex you are. Doesn't mater if your rich or poor. Questions and situations will always come. I am here to help you get the answers that you need or want Read More
The price is back to normal at a 1.89 per minute until 5 30 today. It will go back up at 5 30 so I would get your questions answered while I am cheap. On Tuesday and Wednesday during the day the price will be normal price at 1.89 per minute. Come this Read More
My rate will be going up at 6 pm tonight 11-21 for the weekend. I will be working this weekend and the rate will return to normal on Monday until 6 pm. I will be having two rates one during the day and another one in the evening for a little while. I Read More
I have been talking to Dan MBR Psychic now for over a year. Let me tell you people if you haven't called him you really should he is great. Tells you like it is and doesn't waste your time. He is warm friendly and funny. I first called him about my ex Read More
HI all I know that I haven't been real good lately on posting here. I have just been really busy here and with the exclusive psychic network that I work for. I don't want anyone to think that I have forgotten about you. I am here and I have been Read More