January 2015 - Posts

Dan ( MBR Psychic ) first off I want you to know that you are just an amazing adviser. Anyone that calls you is lucky to have you an an adviser. I know you are the only one that I go to when I need help. You are great Dan. I called Dan a few months ago Read More
I love it when I see people offering specials. I don't offer specials my price is normally cheaper than the specials being offer by these people. I also love getting the e-mails from others telling me that I need to raise my rates. I know information Read More
This is from a person that I help.   I called MBR Psychic about a year ago and it was a hard time in my life. Just lost my job had no one in my love life and was feeling way down. I saw MBR price and figured why not give him a call. I asked him straight Read More
I get asked this a lot. why are you so cheap? The answer is simple. I am here to help. I am willing to help anyone that wants help. I will give you the truth. I am not that feel good adviser. If you are looking for someone that is going to tell you what Read More
I am working for a few hours today because several of the people I help asked me to do it. Those of you that have not used me in the pass are still welcome to call. I am willing to help anyone that wants help. I have many skills way to many to list and Read More
I have been dealing with MBR Psychic for awhile now. Dan is a great adviser. I first called him because I was having a problem with my boss. I couldn't understand why my boss didn't like me. Everyone seems to like me but my boss only talks to me when Read More
I called Dan ( MBR Psychic ) and was not sure that I wanted to talk to him. At a 1.89 per minute I was thinking he can't be all that good. We all know that higher rates mean that person is better than the lower rate people. Plus it was a mistake when Read More
You ever get the feeling like you don't matter. That the only reason someone is dealing with you is because of what you have. We have all felt that way at some point in time. The real question here today is: Are you really being treated like a person?I Read More
I have helped a lot of people over the years. I have always given people the truth about what is taking place. I have to smile a little when I get the question asked are you telling me what I want to hear or are you telling me the truth. I will always Read More
I started using MBR Psychic ( Dan ) about a year ago. I found him and saw that his price was a 1.89 and the adviser that I was using didn't want to talk to me because I was mess. I was crying and needed some help. I thought I had pulled myself together Read More
Yes I am working a rare Saturday. Everyone is more than welcome to call. Trust me when I say there is no reason to be shy. I promise you that you don't have a question that I haven't heard before. I have been helping people for over 25 years. I only offer Read More
I contacted Dan ( MBR Psychic ) a few months ago. I was in a bad way then and saw no end in sight. I lost my job. My boyfriend was acting strange and I had no money and was about to lose my apartment for not paying my rent. It was all going wrong and Read More
I don't hide the fact that I am cheap. A 1.89 per minute is pretty cheap. I know what you are thinking. This guy is going to waste my time and give me a bunch of small talk before answering any of my questions. I assure you that is not how I work. I want Read More
This person asked me to post this. If I have helped you in the past and you want me to post your story send me an e-mail with your permission to post it. I do not share anyone situation with anyone. What we deal with is what we deal with and you can share Read More
Yes I am running late again. I am here working and have been for a few hours just really busy with getting people taken of. I welcome anyone that wants my help in figuring out what is happening in their life. I am here just to help not make choices for Read More
The skills I have which is many I use to get you the answers that you want or need. I am quick but I am not a robot or a light switch. You can't ask me a question and expect me to be able to give you an answer inside of a minute. It takes a few seconds Read More
I am sorry I am getting this out so late today. It has been a real busy day for me but I am here now. Anyone that wants help is welcome to call me. I turn no one away. I have heard from others that their normal adviser had told them to call back later Read More
I get this a lot from people. Why are you so cheap? well it is simple I am here to help people not to make money. The exclusive network that I work for is where I get paid not here. This is not a job to me this is a calling. I truly enjoy helping people Read More
It is a new year and everyone is now just getting back to the normal after all the crazy holiday stuff. New year means new things or does it. This is the real question. As we all know my price is the same as always. 1.89 and I don't plan to change that Read More