August 2015 - Posts

I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) for the first time about a year ago. I was having some major problems in my Life. If it could go wrong it was going wrong. I was on the edge of losing my farm that my father had left me. My long time boyfriend and I were fighting Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) for the first time in Jan of this year. I was having problems with my relationship. I knew something was wrong and I couldn't figure it out. Here I was thinking I have a great guy that talked to me about everything and now Read More
I called MBR Psychic back in Dec of 2014. I have been talking to him ever since because he is just that good. MBR Psychic ( Dan ) and I started talking shortly before Christmas. My boyfriend and I just had a big fight and he ran out saying he was never Read More
The first time I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) I was thinking to myself I wonder why this guy gets 4 and 5 stars then gets 1 or 2 star from people. After talking to him I know understand it. The ones that are giving him the high stars are ready for the truth Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) because I was having some problems. I was a little concern that with his price that he wasn't that good or he was going to waste my time with a bunch of small talk. Let's face it a 1.89 per minute that is pretty cheap. Dan Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) in Jan of this year. I called him because I was having problems in my love life. I didn't understand why my boyfriend was not seeing me they way he use to. I mean we were still talking on the phone and texting but I was not Read More
Let me start off with this man is amazing talking about MBR Psychic ( Dan ).  I have been talking to him fro well over a year now and he has never lead me wrong. He has always been straight up and honest with me about the things that we talk about. Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) I would say  Feb or March of this year for the first time. I had a regular adviser that I was speaking to that was giving me advise until one day I had a bad day and was really upset. I mean I was in tears and sobbing Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) a few month ago. I was in need of some help. I had some questions and figure his price was cheap why not give him a try. I had started dating this guy 6  months before I called Dan. The problem was we could not get together Read More
I have many skills that I use to get you the answers that you are in need of. Most people that call me normally end up calling me back. That is saying something. I only offer the truth. I know my price is cheap but I am not one to waste your time with Read More
I called MBR Psychic ( Dan ) for the first time in April. I was excepting at his price a 1.89 to hear some small talk for a minute or two like you do with at the advisers that are cheap. Not Dan he was all about getting to my question. Just because he Read More
Sorry that I am so late getting on Keen today. The exclusive psychic network I work for has had me busy all morning. I am here now and will be working later than normal for all of you that want or need my help. Those of you that don't know me I am very Read More
I called Dan ( MBR Psychic ) back in April for the first time. I was really upset when I made the call. The other adviser that I talk to refused to take my call because I was crying. This adviser I had been talking to for well over a year about many different Read More