September 2015 - Posts

I don't know what to say about MBR Psychic ( Dan ) other than he is amazing. He is funny while staying on point, very calming, truthful and doesn't say call me later when you aren't so upset. He is the only adviser I use anymore. I called Dan several Read More
I am not going to tell anyone here why I called MBR Psychic. Let's just say that I was having all kinds of problems in my life when I found him. The price was right and I figure how could it hurt. MBR Psychic ( Dan ) is amazing at how good he is. Oh at Read More
I am sorry that I am getting this out so late. I know a lot of people use my blog to see if I am working or not. I am working and I have been here working since 10 am. I have just been to busy to post anything today until now. Please set a call back. Read More
I called Dan (MBR Psychic ) in Feb for the first time. I saw the price at a 1.89 and decided to give him a chance. Plus I saw that he had been doing this for over 24 years. I had a question about my x boyfriend. I wanted to know if he was going to come Read More
I called MBR Psychic (Dan) for the first time in Oct of 2014. I was a mess. Mom just passed away. Husband left me with a ton of bills. Job wasn't going good. I needed help all away around. I called Dan because well he was cheap at a 1.89 and nothing that Read More
I get asked this question from people. Are you taking on new clients? Will you help me? I am here to help anyone and everyone is welcome to call. Male or female, rich or poor, famous or not famous we are all people and that makes you important. As a person Read More
I called MBR Psychic (Dan) for the first time in May. I was having problems at work. I needed some answers and I saw the price so I figure what the heck. I called and asked him what was happening with my job. the first thing he said was you are right Read More
Let me start off with Dan you are amazing. You put up with me during my rough time when I couldn't hold it together. Thank you so much. Now on with what happen and why I called.I called MBR Psychic (Dan) back in Nov of 2014. Shortly before Thanksgiving. Read More
Yes it is true I am signing into work a little later than normal. It has been a busy morning with the exclusive psychic network I work for. I want everyone to know I am here and I am working. If for some reason I am not here please set a call back and Read More
I called Dan ( MBR Psychic ) in June for the first time. The reason I called him was because I was having relationship problems with my boyfriend. On top of that I was having some money issues as well. I figure when I saw the price of a 1.89 per minute Read More
I called MBR Psychic in March of this year. MBR Psychic ( Dan ) a very sweet and nice guy took my call. I was worried about a relationship I was in that had ended. I never really knew why this relationship ended. I would send him things from time to time Read More
There are a lot of people out there that want and need help. I charge a 1.89 per minute to reach everyone that wants my help. Everyone is welcome to call. First time caller to someone that I already help. I turn no one away. I have many skills and I use Read More