April 2017 - Posts

I am posting this so everyone will know that I am going to be working this weekend as well as today. I plan on working this Saturday from 10am to at least 6 pm est give or take a few minutes. Then Sunday working for just a few hours not sure but thinking Read More
I am sorry that I haven't been posting. I know many of you use my post to see if I am working or not. Please rest assured that I am normally working Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm est. The rest of this week I am going to be working my normal 10 am Read More
I have been told that I should do a blog about my abilities and what kind of person I am. I listen to these people and I decided that since I am not very good at talking about myself that I would ask them to write what they think. Two of them sent me Read More
I am getting this out a little later than I would have liked. It has been a busy morning. I am here and have been here since 10am. I am willing to help anyone that wants help. If you are new to using a psychic or have used a psychic in the pass and just Read More
I am so sorry to everyone that I have not been posting these last few days. It has been crazy busy and I am even getting this out late today. I am here to help anyone that wants my help. I am always looking to help those that need help or want help. If Read More
I have been helping people for over 25 years. I have helped people in all areas of life. The one thing I can tell you is that it is not weak to seek help. There comes times in everyone's life that they need answers. The answers might not be what you want Read More
I get asked this one from time to time.  What kind of reading do you do? Are you taking on new clients?Well I have to answer it this way. I have many skills and I use them all to get the answers that we are looking for. I handle all kinds of situations Read More
This was sent to me from a person I help. I was asked to post this. Understand I do not post anything from anyone unless I am asked to.MBR Psychic let me tell you all how great this man is. MBR Psychic (Dan) is a very warm caring guy that is funny without Read More
Sorry everyone I am getting this out late. It has been a busy morning for me already. This is the first chance I have had to post today. I have helped a lot of people over the many years I have been doing this. When I say many I mean over 25 years. This Read More