October 2017 - Posts

I was asked to post this. I called Dan (mbr psychic) awhile ago. I'm not here to say what him and I talked about. I am writing this because he won't tell anyone how good he is. This man has a true gift. He told me things that my girlfriends didn't Read More
This is from a person I help. I was asked to post this. I called MBR Psychic for the first time awhile back. I'm not real sure when I would guess roughly about 18 months ago. I was concerned about my hubby. I thought he was cheating on me and was going Read More
I am here working again on a Saturday. I am only here for a few hours today. I am willing to help anyone that wants my help. I have many skills. I will use them all to get to the bottom of the situation. I only promise the truth. Read More
I am so sorry about how late I am getting this out. It has been one busy day for me and haven't had a chance to write anything. Since this day is running me around in circles I am going to make this short. I am here to help everyone. Male female straight Read More
I get calls from people and I get asked this question. Are you taking new callers. I want everyone to know I do not turn anyone away. I am willing to help anyone that wants help. It doesn't matter what the situation is I am here to help. I only offer Read More
Let's face it the world to is a crazy place. We never seem to have enough time in a day to get things done. That is when we feel like everything in the world is going good. Then it seems like all at once we start to question where we stand with certain Read More
I have been working all week. I am working today (saturday). This is rare for me to work on Saturday. I am here to help anyone that wants help. Read More