February 2018 - Posts

I am sorry everyone that I haven't been posting the last few days. I have been very busy with Keen and the other very exclusives psychic network that I am with. In relationships may it be work, friends or romantic there are at times that make us wonder Read More
The number one question is the world today is What is it. What is it has been around since before man could speak. This question is the most asked question in the world. In every case work or relationship doesn't matter this question crosses someones Read More
Yes everyone I was out yesterday (Thursday) but I am back today to help anyone that wants or needs help. I would like to talk about titles. Titles are just that titles. Do titles really mean anything?  After all we are just talking about a title. Read More
I asked a person I helped if I could write about this. I was told yes in fact the person actually put some of this in my feedback which I was unaware of until a few minutes ago.I gave this person a reading and I during the reading I was by this person Read More
Master Plans I see them a lot in people. I really love the idea of master plans. People always come up with ideas of how something is going to go. It never fails to amaze me when the master plans blows up on them. People fail to realize that people are Read More
I was not working yesterday ( Wednesday 1-31) but I am here working today. I am here to help anyone new caller to people that have needed my help in the pass. I deal with a large range of things. I handle relationship issues to work and money issues. Read More