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March 2009 - Posts

Do you watch the news?  What do you hear when you watch the news?  Do you hear that things are falling apart or that they are falling together?I choose to view it as "falling together".  I say falling together because in my own "personal" Read More
Have you ever been in a position where someone wanted something from you(whether physical or emotional)? Some of the hardest things for some to do is to "tell the truth" see the truth is not something that can be a sometime thing, it has become Read More
Would you love to have anything in this WORLD "YOU" can imagine?...well read this message and see how that is so "Faery" possible! Before you read this message, I and the Faeries would like for you to think about what the "World" means to you personally.  Read More
Faery Blessings To All You Lovely Souls Out There;We have been searching for you, praying for you, waiting for you to see the beauty of your souls. You are almost there.  Keep searching, keep hoping, keep praying for your answers are there, we are Read More
Well my friend Lee just keeps them here is yet another one from him for you guys to enjoy.  He gets the credit for this...please see the link at the bottom...Thank You Again Lee for sharing...Faery Sprinkles to you all!"My friends, once Read More
I have had to most wonderful privilege of meeting one of the most loving souls on this planet who has been sharing with me over the last month some of his very valuable insights into life...I wanted to share with you all one of his articles he shared Read More
Let me tell you something about love and doesn't matter how long someone has been together and it doesn't matter if they "appear" to be happy...what matters is what you feel in your heart and if you truly want this without one reservation Read More