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July 2009 - Posts

SERENITY PRAYER: LET'S BREAK IT DOWN   God Grant Me The Serenity: Now on a piece of paper or Notepad on your Computer or Laptop, make a list of all things that worry and concern you, whether they be present concerns or things that still concern Read More
To Whom It May Concern; Do you ever wonder when you send out these letters(and we do this a lot in our lives) just who "whom" is and do we really believe that most of these people are "concerned?" about us in any way? LOL It was a question that crossed Read More
I was told by my Faery Guides yesterday to stay meditative on a Feminine Goddess archetype.  I did not know which one they meant so I went in search of Feminine Goddesses.  I found this quiz online and it was so accurate it amazed me. Described Read More