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January 2017 - Posts

Faery Blessings:Sometimes when everything around us is falling apart and it appears that nothing is going right and we get down, have you noticed that instead of looking up, we often keep our eyes toward the ground.....I had never thought about Read More
Faery Blessings:When I was growing up I used to get into trouble quite a bit, because I loved to talk, well disagree with the adults in my life.  I like to wander off on my own into the woods or down by the pond.....I mean I knew I was OK Read More
Faery Blessings:The old saying "laughter is good for the soul" is true, but sometimes people can be so angry, hurt or upset that the last thing they want to do is laugh....When my grandchildren are angry or upset, sometimes I tickle them until Read More
Faery Blessings:When I am talking to one of my clients and they are struggling with something in their lives, I do my best to put myself in their shoes....the old saying "walk a mile in another man's moccasins and then tell me you know them"....A Read More
Faery Blessings:Many, many years ago I had a huge problem with rejection.  If someone told me no or didn't like me or didn't want to be my friend, I would sometimes walk away crying my eyes out, go to bed for days, thinking I would never Read More
Faery Blessings:Today I wanted to talk about tests and trials.....let's get personal about it, God and Faeries say and share some of my own life experiences with you....I will change the names to protect the actual person, but let's just call Read More
Faery Blessings: Today my message comes from Joyce Meyer who is speaking about anger and how to deal with it....did you know it is ok to feel anger, but it is what you outwardly speak or do that is the sin with the anger you feel?  Read More
Faery Blessings:Today my faeries led me to focus on my Prayer Life!  I was raised in a household where I heard prayers out loud every night when I went to bed.  In one room my grandmother was praying and in the other room my dad was Read More
Faery Blessings:Discipline, yuck I know lol!  Most of us really don't like that means doing something that in the long run is going to be better for us, but the beginning and middle will more than likely be a wee bit difficult...old Read More
Faery Blessings:Gratitude is a beautiful thing!  Every day I try to think of 100 things to be grateful to God for in my life, positive things and blessings he has brought into my life.  Is 100 things a day to be grateful for hard to Read More
Faery Blessings:I have been studying on the effects of thoughts and how powerful they are in manifesting what we various internet searches and books, articles I have read, they are in similarities state that if we think on something Read More
Faery Blessings:Today the faeries and I want to talk about Time.....there are things we can count on with time....the sun will rise on time, the sun will set on time, the clouds usually produce rain and the Sun sometimes warms the earth...a baby Read More
Faery Blessings:We all like money right?  Who doesn't? Used to money owned me and the things I could me it was something that could get me what I wanted with no thought of what it could do to help money doesn't own Read More
Faery Blessings:Today we are going to talk about panic and anxiety and a prescription for panic....Daily life brings us various things that produce anxious moments and moments of panic....I used to be an anxious person....worried all the time Read More
Faery Blessings:To be honest there are still times when I have to reach deep for my courage during times of change!  I am somewhat of a planner and when things don't go as planned and I have to change my plans, it throws  me for a bit Read More
Faery Blessings:The Word hoarders came to mind when I read this in Joyce Meyers daily teaching...I used to be a hoarder(not to extent we sometimes see on TV) but I had boxes and boxes of clothes, things, etc., that I refused to let go of....Most Read More
Faery Blessings: Today the message is about the "courage to live boldly".....many years ago I "played it safe" because my past had taught me that going out on a limb was dangerous because the limb usually broke underneath me and I fell hard and Read More
Faery Blessings:I am still studying in the book of is so enlightening and so much of a lesson learner in made me think of what I do here on Keen....Proverbs 16:13 says:"Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love Read More
Faery Blessings:Today my message comes from Joyce Meyer and it is called Surrender....this was one of the hardest lessons for me to get....a long time ago, I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it right now and when I prayed for something I wanted Read More
Faery Blessings:Today my message comes yet again from a study of Psalms I have been doing....Todays reading was called "Claim The Inner Peace"....For years I struggled to find my peace in the world....I worked hard, loved hard, played hard, Read More
Faery Blessings:Today I want to share with you from a study of Psalms and Proverbs I am currently doing...."A happy heart is like good medicine." Proverbs 17:22  In this daily reading it talks about The Medicine of when I Read More
Faery Blessings:I guess God wanted me to send this twice today because the first one I sent didn't appear to go through, so if you get this twice, I apologize, but maybe we all needed to hear this twice today lol...But God doesn't want us to repress Read More
Faery Blessings: Funny this email came through this morning because just yesterday and last night my daughter reminded me of her daughter(my granddaughters) silliness.....My daughter said she had gotten her kiddos ready for bed when her oldest Read More
CARETAKER Caretaker only led me to one other word: Babysitter Interesting  I thought...To me a babysitter is someone who has to supervise young children so that they do not do anything that might harm them....also I think Read More