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July 2017 - Posts

God's Blessings:God’s timetables and human timetables often are not the same, and it’s common for us to think that our lives are moving along too slowly or too fast….We make our plans with ease sometimes only to find that they just fall into place Read More
God’s Blessings:Let’s talk about happiness and being happy…..Happiness is not necessarily based on an emotion, sometimes it is a decision to look around us and focus on being grateful for what we still have instead of what we don’t or what we Read More
Gods Blessings:Today I wanted to talk about one scripture in particular that was brought to me in my spirit and has stuck with me since reading it and it was just one of the profound statements Jesus made during his time on Earth…. John 16:33(NKJV)“These Read More
Gods Blessings:Todays message I wanted to share came to me in my personal daily email...this lady is amazing in how she guides enjoy today's message on Blaming Others!  Be Blessed!                                                  Read More
Gods Blessings:Today’s message is are you building on what God gave you?  Did you know that God holds you accountable for what he has given you?  You see one of my gifts is talking….I love to talk and not necessarily talking but sharing Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s short message is taken from an excerpt from a Joyce Meyer teaching…..I opened my email this morning and this was in it and I wanted to share it with my clients, as a lot of us seem to be struggling with relationships, both Read More
Gods Blessings: I get questions all the time about “why” is this happening to me? Or “When” will my situation change…so today I wanted to address limited understanding and timing for those who are working on lessons of patience and faith Read More
God’s Blessings:I wanted to share my life experience of freeing myself from fear and free from love of money….money is not a bad thing to have and God does not say you cannot have it, it’s how you handle the money and with what attitude as with Read More
Gods Blessings:How are you today?  I get this question a lot throughout the day….and I can honestly say that I can say “really well”…..I know I sound like a repeat but honestly it is what I do everyday…..Before I open my eyes when I wake Read More
Gods Blessings:Todays message is about “disappointment”… is going to happen….we don’t get through life without some disappointments….they make us strong if we fight the good fight of faith…..From time to time, all of us face life-altering Read More
Gods Blessings:A Secret Place…’s message is from Psalm 91…..the secret place is not in  a physical place or in another person’s presence……the secret place is a place of spirit…….it is a place of peace…..a place where worry, stress, Read More
God’s Blessings:Most of us watch what we put in our bodies as far as food and drink….we take vitamins and some of us exercise and go to the gym to make sure our outer bodies are healthy, but when was the last time you fed your inner man/woman Read More
Faery Blessings;Today I just wanted to share something I found that sums up life!  I have found peace in applying these rules in my life!  So today it's short and sweet! 1. Make peace with your past so it does not spoil your present. Read More
Gods Blessings:Life is a process and sometimes that process is not comfortable, but necessary and it’s not unusual and you are not singled out to be put in that uncomfortable position… is necessary to go through the process of being uncomfortable…like Read More
Gods Blessings:Did you know that Jesus came to “rule your hearts?”…Jesus knew that if he got into your hearts and cleaned up all that was there that didn’t belong that everything else in your life would be easier and bring peace…..depends on your Read More
Gods Blessings:Life can be simple….we as humans complicate it way more than God ever intended…Often I read where Jesus was with his disciples and they stressed and worried and he simply stayed in his peace knowing that all things work out for Read More
Faery Blessings:Today's message is about trusting spiritual assistance...more so when you ask your angels, faeries, guides, God, etc.....I have been being taught about saying Thank You after you ask for me personally that means Read More
Gods Blessings:Today’s message comes more from Joyce Meyer than myself…but after I read her email I just had to share what she wrote on her Everyday Word email….it was just too good not to share….so today’s message is short and sweet but profound… Read More
Gods  Blessings:I just love today’s lesson….It is one of my favorite topics to speak on when talking and teaching others.  It is something I had to go through many time before I got it…yes I was at one time a “very” slow learner, but Read More
Faery Blessings:I get a lot of questions sometimes on "why" or "I work hard, how come people still don't like me?" or "I am good person and people still treat me badly".....David in the bible asked God the same's message is from Read More
Gods Blessings:Oh Days Like These! LOLSome days I wake up to complete silence(I love these days)!  Somedays I wake up to my grandbabies telling me good morning(love these days too), but somedays I wake up to these aches and pains(as you get Read More
Faery Blessings:Today’s message is about “Faith In The Mess”:Let’s take a look at messes:I wrecked the car, the children are acting crazy, my relationship is in a mess, marriage is distorted, bills are behind, got evicted from my apartment, having Read More
Faery Blessings:Today I wanted to share this DailyOM with you as it struck me as something I also need to learn....and that is to relax and be still during the transition....when you have learned something major in your life, take that down time Read More
Gods Blessings:Just Do It!  Those three words took Nike in 1988 from making millions and catapulted them into the 9.3 Billion dollar bracket….wouldn’t it be great if just those three words could catapult you there?….well it can take you to Read More
Gods Blessings:Oh what a beautiful new day to welcome life into our hearts….Last night for some reason God kept me awake until almost 2AM…I was reading and writing and feeling as if I had a ton of energy….when I finally went to bed my mind was Read More
Faery And Gods Blessings:“BOLDER PRAYERS”I was reminded when watching Joel Osteen that my prayers have been mediocre and trusting God with the bigger things and no it is not being selfish to ask God for  bigger and better things if your intention Read More