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August 2017 - Posts

God's Blessings:Today I simply wanted to share this prayer below with you because sometimes all we need is something simple to change our day....each morning I receive a prayer in my email like the one below from "Prime Time With God" website....this Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message is “Give Me Patience, Right Now!”…..Patience is one thing we need the most, yet the one thing we do not work on….we are by nature “impatient” and we want God to grant us the desires of our heart, right now…..Usually, Read More
Gods Blessings:Today’s message is “Do It Now”…..and taken from my A Daily Walk Through The Bible Devotional.The habit of procrastination takes a two-fold toll on it’s victims…..First, important work goes unfinished; second(and more importantly), valuable Read More
God’s Blessings:Knowledge is knowing how to do a thing, wisdom is knowing when to do it…Knowledge is having a car, wisdom is knowing how to take care of it properly.Jesus at the age of 12 was teaching in the temple with a thorough knowledge of the Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message is about “perception”….Citing an example from T.D. Jakes below:“Two people have the same job at the same company, with the same amount of kids, with similar bills, and similar home lives….one comes to work frustrated, Read More
God’s Blessings:Today I woke up with the word “integrity” in my “A Daily Walk Through The Bible” devotional….I’ve heard this word spoken many times throughout my life and to me personally it means “doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”….it Read More
God’s Blessings: Are you stuck in a routine of religion?  Do you go to church once a week and then forget Him Monday through Saturday until you go to church again on Sunday?  Then you are stuck in a routine of religion….God wants Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message is taken from an article I found online that just lit me up inside….and I began to think: “What If God Was My Life Coach?”….then I started considering ways that he already is and how I should allow him more guidance Read More
God’s Blessings:“So Laugh”….Sounds simple right?  It is….laughter is good for the soul…..when things in life seem to be going wrong and nothing seems to be going as I would like it, although I know it is going just the way God intended…I Read More
God’s Blessings:Most nights I wake up between 3 and 5AM…usually somewhere in the middle….I used to complain as I was one who truly loved my sleep time, but it appeared that God had other ideas, so instead of complaining I simply would get up, Read More
Gods Blessings:Today’s message is about “holding your peace”……Exodus 14:14King James Version (KJV)14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.When I read this I see that we are not being asked to “hold our peace”, we are being Read More
Gods Blessings:Romans 14: 23(MSG)“If the way you live isn’t consistent with what you believe, then it’s wrong.”Today’s message was taken from a “Daily Walk Through The Bible”In describing our beliefs, our actions are far better descriptor than our Read More
God’s Blessings:Again I want to share Romans 8:28 because it took on a whole new meaning when I began to study it for a lesson in my own life….Romans 8:28"And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called Read More
God’s Blessings:I got so many positive feedbacks for my “Woman Of Few Words” scripture and what it means personally to you that today I am sending out another, only today is called “All Things Work For Good”…..Romans 8:28New Living Translation (NLT)28 And Read More
God's Blessings:My husband often says I say a lot of words to get to one point(and I do)....I realize I do so today God, Angels and Faeries challenge me to be "A Woman Of Few Words" today I am going to just share a scripture with you and Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message was taken from an excerpt of “Prime Time With God” email I receive daily…I thought today maybe some of my clients could benefit from the deep and profound knowledge they shared on this day!  Enjoy the message Read More
God’s Blessings:Have you ever had your heart broken? Well of course, at some point we all have….but did you know that the things you sometimes complain about when someone else hurts you, you have already done to another as well….when you say “my Read More
Gods Blessings:I start today’s message with the old saying “plumbers have the worst plumbing” and “girls with curly hair want straight hair and straight hair girls want curly hair” lol….I thought this was appropriate to today’s subject on the “not Read More
Gods Blessings:Today I got an article in my email that I wanted to share with you all and then my wee comments below each statement they's a bit long, hope you don't mind...7 Steps to Finding Your ClarityThe answers that you seek are Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message comes from a spiritual study I have been doing with a 30 day challenge course online….this month we are praying and studying on husbands/wives/mates/friends, whomever you feel needs 30 days of everyday prayer to Read More
God’s Blessings:We are all on this journey called life….Some of our lives are filled with more challenges and trials than others….I feel like that is because the harder the life, the stronger the mind, heart and soul of the person is…I believe Read More
Gods Blessings:Today let’s talk about adoption!  Did you know that God adopted you into his family!  To be adopted is to be chosen!  To be adopted is special!  Even in the physical sense it is good to be adopted!  Think Read More