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September 2017 - Posts

God’s Blessings: I was reading my “Wake Up To The Word” devotional by Joyce Meyer….she gives you a word of the day and then explains what that word means not only in the reality of our lives but also in the context of seeing it through the Read More
God's Blessings:Today I received an email from DailyOM that Madisyn Taylor wrote about "A Different Approach To Anger"......and as I read it I was reminded that I to have to watch my thoughts as daily life comes into my personal world....I have Read More
God’s Blessings:Today my daily chapter to read was from 1 Corinthians, Chapter 4…….as I read it, it enlightened me(yes I am still learning as well)…..I am not perfect, nor would I ever claim to be….but in this chapter it showed me that I do have Read More
God’s Blessings Today’s message in part comes from my devotional “A Daily Walk Through The Bible.”…..I am almost constantly reminded that what our children see us “do” not “say for us to do” usually overrides….that means that they do what they Read More
God’s Blessings:How many of you are trying to handle something that only God can handle?......How many of you are trying to fix things or people that is not yours to do?.....Count me in on the two above questions…..I still catch myself trying Read More
God’s Blessings:Apologies for not sending out messages the last couple of days….I have been catching up on things at home that required my attention…..And speaking of catching up on things that require our attention…..I used to hate doing housework, Read More
God’s Blessings: Today let’s talk about “walking our talk” so to speak….this message is about change and that is a sensitive subject as the majority of people don’t like change because it requires work on our part and we as a majority like Read More
God’s Blessings:I just bought the new book from Joyce Meyer called “Unshakeable Trust” and only the first chapter in the book she gives the answer for the questions that so many of my clients asks at times…..”Why is it taking so long?”, “I have Read More
God’s Blessings:I got the info I am sending you below in this message from the website….I loved how she put this into much better words than I can…I could reword it all but I feel she said it beautifully herself….so enjoy today’s Read More
Gods Blessings:Today let’s talk about who you relate to….Some of us believe that it is “who” we know or are related to gets us through life..sometimes it is not who we know or who we are related to but who or what……enjoy today’s message….out of Read More
God’s Blessings:Are you the master or the victim of your attitude?Because we are creatures of free will, we make choices—lots of them.  When we make choices that are pleasing to our Heavenly Daddy(yes I call him Daddy), we are the footsteps Read More
God’s Blessings:I sometimes get a word for the day out of my devotional and one of them today was integrity….a long time ago I learned that integrity means: “Doing the right thing even when no one is looking”…..that means doing the right thing Read More
God’s Blessings:Let’s talk about today about feeling like you are falling to pieces and letting God know just how bad it is….oh but when we are done telling Him how  bad it is(and he already knows what is going on in your life) and the being Read More
God’s Blessings:I sat down tonight and did what I usually do…..I read my “Ending Your Day Right Devotional”……It spoke of speaking from a place of emotions rather than taking a step back and allowing those emotions or feelings to die down a bit Read More
God’s Blessings:Today I wanted to talk about blaming others….you know them, I used to be one of them….for example….My husband wakes up and I forgot to set the coffee pot the night before…..He is upset as the first thing he wants is his coffee, Read More
Faery Blessings:I haven't posted anything on a card for a long time....but today I woke up and found out it was the energy of the day for the world which is's the most positive card in the instead of my regular message Read More
Faery Blessings:Every morning I get up and listen to my audio bible.....I am doing the reading through the Bible in a year audio bible.....when you have a schedule as busy as mine it is easy to listen and do at the same time....this morning as Read More
Faery Blessings: Today’s message I want to talk about the word “equal”… means “Just; equitable; giving the same or similar rights or advantages.” In today’s “Wake Up To The Word” by Joyce Meyer she had a beautiful description of what Read More
God’s Blessings: Today let’s talk about “control”……we all know people who feel the need to be in control….the word control means: “To exercise authoritative or domineering influence over; direct”….. Today’s lesson is taken from “Wake Read More
Faery Blessings: I wanted to share a story with all of you….when I was a wee girl, I always felt different, unlike the rest of my family, like I didn’t belong there….I felt I had no one in my family that I had anything in common with…always Read More
Faery Blessings: Today’s message is “Faith For The Middle”….I watched Joel Osteen today and he was teaching on this…it was life altering so I wanted to share some of the things he shared with you….Faith is not required for the beginning for Read More
Faery  Blessings:Part of today’s message comes from my “Daily Walk Through The Bible” and it even got my attention…it’s called “No Is An Answer”….God answers our prayers…What God does not do is this:  He does not always answer our prayers Read More
God’s Blessings: I was listening to a refresher course in “stinking thinking”……All of us have the right sometimes to be upset and dwell on thoughts of how someone hurt us or how rough our life is as single parents or how many bills we have Read More
Faery Blessings:Today is not so much about a lesson as it is just enjoying your today!  In the last week I was so grandson had practices, football games, school homework, football games, my work, his mom's work, my husbands work.....everybody Read More