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October 2017 - Posts

God’s Blessings: Today let’s talk about Past, Present & Future? Which one are you currently living in? Are you living in the past where you are saying “My parents didn’t raise me”, “My spouse left me”, “I lost my job”, etc?….Nothing Read More
God’s Blessings: You know where I need God the most…..right in the middle of it all…..when I don’t know how my situation is going to turn out…..when I don’t know how that bill is going to get paid…..when I don’t know if my child is going Read More
God’s Blessings:Let’s talk about choices in our lives….We all have them, we all make them for better or worse….lol…but when making a decision, the first thing sometimes we have to do is choose….so today as I was reading my Wake Up To The Word Read More
God’s Blessings:Today I was listening to Proverbs 8 from the Message Bible….I like the version of this translation because it is like they are telling a story in plain English…like you are listening to an old friend talking to you, giving you advice on Read More
God's Blessings All:Today as I was reading my "Waking Up To The Word" devotional by Joyce Meyers and in it she gives one word to focus on that day...I love words and the play on words and how words and the words we use throughout our days can affect others Read More
God’s Blessings:I wake up each morning and before my feet hit the floor(yes a lot of you have heard this many times), I ask God to take a walk through my mind, heart and soul and to clear out any and all debris that does not belong there so that Read More
God’s Blessings:I am so lucky to have a husband who built me an office with two giant windows that overlook the most beautiful stream about 40 feet below my office…..daily I am thankful to have such an amazing view….I also purchased a double hammock Read More
God’s Blessings: “DO NOT WORRY”When I turned on my TV to watch T.D. Jakes daily show, those were the words he spoke and he said “Say that out loud” about 4 times and he said I have you say it because I want your ears to hear what your mouth Read More
God’s Blessings: Today I wanted to share some of what a minister Joel Osteen talking about frustration and telling a story about when he and some friends were on this small plane and he decided he was going to pull out his tray and work on his sermon…He Read More
God’s Blessings:I received a very simple email today from Mountain Wings….it was short but so amazingly profound that it caused me to stop what I was doing and Thank  God for the cross I bear….everything seems so big to us at times that we Read More
God’s Blessings:Today me and my daughter went to my grandson’s last football game….all season long they had been undefeated and the team they came up against to was a game to win if they wanted to go to championships….they had come against this Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message came to mind as I was listening to my audio bible and then looking up the scriptures to see where it lead me and it led me to Ecclesiastes… my Amplified Bible, Joyce Meyer had a lesson on the The Secret of Fulfillment Read More
God’s Blessings:Today’s message I am going to share with you is not mine, but from a Daily Divine I receive in my inbox by Sara Wiseman…..most busy days I don’t open the emails but today as God and angels would have it, I clicked on the wrong Read More
God’s Blessings: Well once again the subject is on Faith….but not like yesterday but about your Faith being a valuable commodity in your life….that if you only had one thing to get you through all the trials and attacks on your life that the one Read More
God’s Blessings:Today is short and sweet, this message came from my favorite preacher, T.D. Jakes....felt like it would help someone today! :)Today let’s talk about why Faith is important… is based on “my integrity”….Faith is based on “God’s Integrity”… Read More
God’s Blessings:What is love to you?  Do you love when it is easy?  Or do you love also when it is difficult to do?Are you only happy when you are loved?  Are you only happy when everything around you is going well?As the bible says, Read More
God’s Blessings: Today I was thinking about “resumes” for job….and I thought “how does my spiritual resume” look to God….would he hire me to work for Him based on what the world sees as fit to be in His Kingdom?  I thought if I were judged by Read More
God’s Blessings:I had a client tell me that she was a “doubting Thomas”….it made me stop and think that in some ways we all still do it, some of us to a major degree and others to a minor degree, but we all if we live long enough and see a need that isn’t Read More
God’s Blessings:Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a sense of dread?  Couldn’t get back to sleep and wondered what that feeling was?  I used to a whole lot and sometimes still do….I used to sit up and try to figure Read More
God’s Blessings:Today is short and sweet but I wanted to share this short yet humorous poem with you guys…because laughter is good for the soul and our souls could use a few good feelings in it….It’s about “Wisdom In A Donut Shop” lolSo enjoy todays message Read More
God’s Blessings:Don’t put a question mark where God has put a period…..I heard a minister say on TV and it struck a chord with me…He said there are so many things we try to understand in our minds and we can’t seem to find a file in our minds Read More
God's Blessings:Whose your daddy?  It’s a slang we all use to refer to worldly things, but today as I sat talking to God(my daddy), I thought “Whose your daddy?”  And out loud I found myself saying “You, God, Your my Daddy”….He is so Read More
God's Blessings:Today's message is actually short and sweet.....I am including a simple prayer concerning people who have hurt or wronged us.....I know personally when I opened this in my email from Prime Time With God, that it is a prayer I also Read More
God’s Blessings: I was thinking today how nice it would be if when we were born we were full grown as far as knowledge and wisdom goes….but oh the journey we might have missed in the learning…..I used to love school…..I loved getting up and getting Read More
God’s Blessings:Today I thought about the person I used to be…..I used to be jealous, insecure, needy and even today amazed that my husband didn’t walk out on me……I tell you all this so you will know that I too am human and have had my times Read More
God’s Blessings:Today I was laying in my hammock outside with eyes closed and just listening to the birds chirping, the leaves were beginning to fall off the trees beneath my hammock and falling on and around me….I could feel the wind gently blow Read More
God’s Blessings:Seems that lately a lot of messages coming up for trust and timing….well today was no different as I opened my “Ending Your Day Right” Devotional by Joyce Meyer….Most of us are like children, we want what we want and we want it Read More
God’s Blessings:I used to have an issue with trust….I can honestly say for the longest time I did not trust anyone but myself…and yes that included God….I had so many things done to me that were bad that I learned that I could only depend on me Read More