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December 2017 - Posts

Faery Blessings:Today I wanted to share a prayer with you all as we leave the journey of 2017 behind us and move into the new energy of 2018…..I know many of you may not really care for the prayer…..know that you can reword it to anything you Read More
Faery Blessings:Today’s message is awesome….it comes from Sara Wiseman… is about stepping into the new year with the new energy……enjoy the read…….Be Blessed! 2018 is the year in which we begin to have an unshakeable awareness of the new paradigm.This Read More
Faery Blessings:2017 was what I refer to in my own personal life as a time of lessons…..some hard, some easy, but all necessary to my growth that I will need in 2018….I have a feeling that many of us went through similar things….we might not have Read More
Faery Blessings: I love opening my emails each day…it would seem lately that God, angels and my wee ones always have a surprise and lately like just what I need….this holiday season has been so busy with all the rushing around, traveling Read More
Faery Blessings:I often get questions of who was I in a past life?  What is my destiny?  What am I here to do? Sometimes wee ones have answers, but sometimes they don’t.  When I received this DailyOM this morning it seemed to explained Read More
Faery Blessings:I often share my belief and the belief of many others about creating our own reality….thoughts are things that if you dwell on them long enough do bring into our lives what keep our minds on for positive or negative…..I often tell Read More
ON SANTA’S TEAM:   My grandma taught me everything about Christmas. I was just a kid. I remember tearing across town on my bike to visit her on the day my big sister dropped the bomb: “There is no Santa Claus,” jeered my sister. “Even dummies Read More
Faery Blessings: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse……. Apologies couldn’t help myself…the Christmas spirit has hit me being the day before that awesome day….I wanted Read More
Faery Blessings: Well we are certainly getting closer to that infamous Christmas Day….I thought about all the people in the world who will not enjoy this day due to illnesses or health problems or even financial problems and I began to pray Read More
Faery Blessings: Conflict with others is not something we look forward to with others…actually unless you are super aggressive or assertive you avoid it like the plague….I know I used to… when Madisyn Taylor’s DailyOM came up about conflict, Read More
Faery Blessings:My policy has always been honesty and sometimes that does not sit well with others….some call it brutal honesty but I try to mix it will gentle soul truth is what I like to call it….When I counsel my clients I counsel them the Read More
Faery Blessings: Faith seems to be coming up a lot lately…..especially during the holidays when we are all spending money for gifts and still trying to stay in our budget…lol…”me included here”..we have 24 grandchildren and Christmas can Read More
Faery Blessings: Today I was shocked when I woke up…..I have been feeling under the weather a bit the last few weeks and my granddaughters keep asking me “when are we going to church again”….I woke up this morning and my husband took the Read More
Faery Blessings: I was just thinking of the days each of my children were born…..3 in the hospital and one at home….and each memory brought smiles and tears to my eyes after seeing them all grown up and seeing their children, my grandchildren Read More
Faery Blessings: Am I on the right path?  I get that question often…..there is no one definitive way to determine if you are on the right path….that is why I believe God gave us a conscious, so that we just know when we are on the right Read More
Faery Blessings: “Dread”…….Oh God, it’s laundry day…..Oh God, there’s that sink full of dishes……Oh God, I gotta go fight traffic to get to work…..Oh God, I gotta clean the house today…..and the list goes on and on….add your own “Oh God” here……But Read More
Faery Blessings: Today  this popped up in my email and I thought about how we often visit the past and think about how far we have come in our inner lives over the years, but sometimes some of those habits do have a happy memory or two Read More
Faery Blessings: As we get closer to the holidays, I wanted to share a story about a homeless man that lives in our city….he has been here for as long as I have lived here….many have offered to help him but he insists on being homeless…..I Read More
Faery Blessings:Dark night of the soul…..we’ve all heard this saying but what does it mean?  Well for me personally it meant  God/Spirit going deep within to pull out any and all debris that was left there so I could continue to move Read More
Faery Blessings:Obstacles are something we hate to see in our way…..somedays it feels as if there are only obstacles in our way….and we know that obstacles are going to come we should be kind of like boy/girl-scouts and be prepared!How I personally Read More
Faery Blessings: Tis’ the season to be jolly…..falalalalalalala….the other day my granddaughter was singing this but instead of falala she was singing “hahahahahahahahaha”(out of the mouths of babes the Bible….I about died laughing…..I Read More
Faery Blessings:A lot of people begin to freak out when a Full Moon approaches, but what some people don't know is that it starts affecting some people 3 days before, the day of and 3 days after....with that being said, The Full Moon came in yesterday, Read More
Faery Blessings:For the last 2 days I have received a DailyOM in my inbox that has given me reason to pause and reflect on what Miss Madisyn wrote….sometimes difficult times are times of learning and although painful, sometimes necessary…..enjoy Read More
Self-Love and Self-Worth are the Key Ingredients by Rosalyn Light Attracting the resources you need to fulfill your sense of purpose in this lifetime is quite simple. It requires a shift in your awareness, and believing in yourself. Many people Read More
Faery Blessings: We’ve all heard the above question in high school during one of our classes on Hamlet….well today as I came across it on a random search for info on something else, it just stuck with me….so I wanted to play on words and ask the Read More