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February 2018 - Posts

Faery Blessings: Let’s talk –Not My Will, But Thine Be Done--…..This means not my way, not my preferences, not my pleasure, not my style, not what I wanted, not what I liked –BUT—Thy Will Be Done Lord! I was watching my favorite minister Read More
Faery Blessings: Today let’s talk –Spiritual Gifts—Although I know this might not interest a lot of people, it might help some(or I hope it does)…I took the survey and was surprised to find out my gifts…Mercy-Showing, Evangelism and Teaching!  Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk Peace…..We all want it, we all pursue it, we all stress ourselves out to get it, yet for many in the world, it still eludes us….I get a lot of requests at time asking me--how do I become happy, how can I find peace Read More
Faery Blessings:I was reminded today that too often people believe they have to be perfect in all ways to have Father God in their lives…..and it saddened my that sometimes traditional religious churches make others feel this way when they are Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s Talk “Rushing Water, Gentle Waves”…..This message came to me while looking out over the rushing water of the creek below my home after a Flash Flood in our area…it never gets above the bank as we are 40 feet above the Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Nomophobia”….I can’t help myself but todays message is really funny….and it is now trying to be introduced as an actual disorder….what is it you say?....It is people who are afraid to be away from their phones…it Read More
Faery Blessings: Today I began to pray for all people who have issues within their minds from the past that have damaged them emotionally which has caused them to be older in physical age, but emotionally much younger due to damage not of Read More
Faery Blessings: I have shared this before about Fear, but it came up so strong in my Spirit today to share it again…I had so much fear growing up, I had so much fear in my adult life and I stayed broken for a very long time in the “grip” Read More
Faery Blessings: Today I wanted to share a simple prayer…..I am currently taking authority over things in my life…and somedays are harder than others to do that, like today….I turned on the TV and saw one of my  ministers teaching on Read More
Faery Blessings: Today, let’s Talk “Obedience”….For many years I went my own way….I did things my own way without taking into consideration what God was trying to tell me to do…I kept myself busy with TV, shopping, listening to music really Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Perception”…..and Yes we have talked about this before but after watching my minister this morning teach this, it took on a whole new meaning…. Perception is how others see you….for example, you see someone Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “burdens”…..Burdens we take upon ourselves that are not ours to bear…..Me and my grandchildren were watching “Monster House” this morning(yes I watch cartoons with my grandchildren)…God can speak through cartoons…..and Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Shadow Boxing”…shadow boxing is when you are sparring with yourself so to speak….you stand there and you are punching and kicking and throwing those punches in the air and as TD Jakes puts it “it’s great cardio, Read More
Faery Blessings: Today let’s talk, “Types of Critics”….there are critics who critique movies, published articles, books that are written, songs… name it, there is a critic for it and let’s not forget the critics in our own lives….those Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Seasons”… not the kind seasons like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, but the seasons in  your life….the seasons where you changed and grew, the seasons that brought you to your knees….the seasons that Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Timing”….but today the timing of which I speak is not of the kind that asks “When is my life going to change? Or When is my mate going to call?, which is fine to ask to ease your mind….BUT….the kind of timing Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “HOME”…..We have all heard the saying “Home is where the heart is”…..and I agree it is…but something I was watching by accident on TV today went into my spirit and reminded me of something we should all remember.  Read More
Faery Blessings:  Today let’s talk “Wisdom and Signs”…..We all look for signs…’s human nature, but I want more than just my human nature to sort through all the world’s idea of wisdom…..I want a revelation down in my soul….I want to hear Read More
Gods Blessings: Let’s talk “Fixing Things”….Did you know that God can fix anything, that nothing is impossible to Him?  That’s right, NOT A THING He cannot fix!.....But the problem lies in the way we want Him to “fix” it….We want him to fix Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Real Faith” or “Jacked-Up Faith”……yes there is a difference……You see we all have desires and some of us were raised to believe, that if I want it bad enough and I pray and I work myself up in positivity and keep Read More
Faery Blessings:Today let’s talk about “perspectives”… know we all see things differently from our own “perspectives”…..two people can read the same book and come up with different “perspectives” of what it meant for them personally….. So Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “muscles”…..I have them, you have them, some people’s are bigger, some are smaller, but we all have the same muscles…what’s the difference between the ones whose muscles are developed and the ones who are not?  Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk Pride and Arrogance…..Pride cometh before a fall….God hate’s a proud look….if you look at all the scriptures in the Bible concerning pride you will see it is one of the few  things that God “hates”….and when Read More
Faery Blessings: I have so many people who tell me….I will believe it when I see it……I will believe it when he starts treating me better…..I will believe it when they change…..MY OH MY….do you ever have a “LONGGGGGGG WAIT”…you see it is not Read More
Faery Blessings: There was a time in my life when I judged others….until the Holy Spirit made it known to me that only God can judge others….the Holy Spirit gives us discernment to know the true intentions or heart and mind of another, but Read More
Faery Blessings: Today is just a simple prayer that struck my heart and is getting me through my day, so I wanted to share it with you…..enjoy’s todays message and Be Blessed! "Dear Lord God,I pray that I will remember that You are Read More
Faery Blessings: Today I was thinking about all the questions I get on people being or feeling lonely…..lonely is actually the feeling of the absence of another…..but why is it we have to feel lonely even when we are alone?  Well I found Read More