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March 2018 - Posts

Faery Blessings:Today let’s talk “Truth and Falsehood”….I was researching truth and lies and this article popped up so I wanted to share it with you today……Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed! THE TRUTH CAN BE A TERRIBLE THING, BUT NOT COMPARED Read More
Faery Blessings: I have been researching the spiritual path and ego and came across this article and wanted to share it with you....eye opening and explains a lot of what I have been experiencing in my own life....Enjoy todays message and be Read More
Faery Blessings:The last few weeks I have had many things going on that have caused me to change almost every aspect of my life and my routine and if anyone knows me once I have a routine it is hard to rework everything without a wee bit of stress Read More
Faery Blessings: Today let’s talk “Indecision”….It seems that the small things we can make a decision, like what clothes to wear, what store to buy groceries, when to take a shower, all the little things are usually easy, but sometimes the Read More
Faery Blessings: Today let’s talk “Angel Warriors”……I had been focusing on all I had to do and not feeling well physically and being oddly anxious(which is usually not me) and forgetting to begin my day with God….but this morning instead Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Complete Trust” and surrender……the last few days have tested my ability to completely surrender this all up to God….but I think after days of going back and forth with God, we figured it out….He brought me to Read More
Faery Blessings: We all work, or most of us do, whether out of necessity or out of the love of working…..A long time ago I sad down and thought about the perfect job for me…..I thought about what I loved to do, what I would do for free if Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “time outs”… when you first read this you thought about your children(if you have children) and putting them in a “time out”…..and yes we as parents do this to give us time and space to figure out our next Read More
Faery Blessings:Remember when we were little and one of our major obstacles was learning to tie our shoes?  Now that we are older, sometimes  we wish that was our biggest hurdle…tying my shoes this morning to get ready to take my granddaughter Read More
Faery Blessings: I get so many questions as to “then why am I so confused?”, or “Now I’m confused”…….I used to be that person who questioned everything….I used to ask “But Why God”….and then tried desperately to figure out the “why” behind Read More
Faery Blessings: I woke up today thinking about the old saying “get your mind out of the gutter”……and as I thought about it,  I could tell where some of my thinking was flawed and where I could take the time to stop and think about what Read More
Faery Blessings: Today, let’s talk Trust…..For years I had an issue with trust…..I had been let down so many times in my life that I did not who I could trust, I didn’t even trust myself…..Trust is easy if you grew up and everyone loved you Read More
Faery Blessings:We all face them: decisions....most of us make them from a place of emotions, sometimes heated and unbalanced, hurting emotions where we say and do things in a moment of upset that costs us big time....and we reap the consequences Read More
Faery Blessings: Let’s talk “Blessings”….As of the last few days I have found myself to be extremely tired…the kind of tired that has to force yourself to get up and do things…the kind of tired you feel in your soul almost….and last night Read More