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August 2010 - Posts

Everyday we wake up with an agenda. Whether that agenda is to go to work, to clean the house, to care for the children, or to get the groceries which fill the cupboards in the kitchen that you painted last week...we all have an agenda each and Read More
Self esteem and self respect are two of the MOST important aspects to ANY relationship, be it platonic or romantic. When we lack these two qualities in our relationships they are doomed to fail. That may sound harsh, but make no mistake, no matter how Read More
Tonight only you can receive 1 question via email for 10.00!. This is 5.00 off the standard price! This is a great reading for those needing quick insight into a yes/no type affair. Once you send payment please be sure to include the first names and dob's Read More
1. Men sometimes like to flirt. Just as we women get a jolt of ego stroking when we flirt with another or are flirted with men feel the same way. 2. Sometimes he doesn't intend on taking things to the next level! This doesn't mean that we are Read More
I apologize for being MIA with the tarotscopes the last couple of weeks. I have been fully immersed in tending to getting the babies room ready and other domestic chores! That said with Mercury now fully retrograde its time to offer up some insight to Read More
`With so much emphasis placed upon those relationships we have with others its no wonder that we find the most important relationship we have, the one with ourselves, lacking. When we are out of balance with the love we feel for ourselves our entire Read More
Aries  Mar 21 - Apr 19: This week the Page of discs reversed suggests that you will have troubles with behaving in accord with your highest good. You may be prone to obsessive behavior, fears and phobias may arise Read More
  Mercury, the planet ruling communication is going retrograde in the sign of Virgo which means that all things related to communication, travel, mail, even the web will be suddenly aflame with issues. You can begin to feel the shift Read More
Greetings and happy August! Though summers heat is still bearing down on us strongly in many ways the Earth is still beginning to shift from summer to fall. The nights are slowly but surely growing longer and though we may not notice the weather will Read More
Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19: The lovers card asks you to evaluate what you are needing to make a choice about. Its time to let go of those fetters from the past and make way for the future. In terms of love this card often times Read More