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October 2010 - Posts

Greetings and Happy Monday!!!I hope that your week is starting off on the right foot! I am getting quite excited to greet the children on Sunday as they make their rounds collecting candy all through the neighborhood. I will be busy this week prepping Read More
Greetings!!! I hope that your Monday is going well thus far! I have worked out the tarotscopes for this week and with just a few exceptions it seems that this is going to be a banner week for all signs! Remember that no matter what your card these Read More
When I first began reading tarot the route I took was a rather simple yet pedantic one. I would draw a card, look it over for a moment, and then IMMEDIATELY flip to the page in the book where its entire story was outlined. I would try to memorize Read More
Is tarot evil?  The short answer is NO! The reasoning, however, behind why such a question is asked can be far more complex. Some could brush it off as part of the Hollywood perpetuated reality while others may take a religious stance. No matter Read More