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October 2012 - Posts

Happy full moon Monday! The Taurian full moon today peaks at about 3:49pm est and brings something in our lives to a culmination, achievement or ending. Today we have to get the balls rolling a bit more freely in communication when Mercury Read More
The Sun conjuncts Saturn this morning which can lead to some sobering vibrations indeed. Its important to note that whatever lessons this presents they are necessary for us to go through. This may not necessarily save our rather dampened spirits Read More
Earlier today I was counseling a client on how to read cards for herself in a simple and non-involved way. Something that she could do even emotions were running strong but she needed some immediate guidance.  She felt bad asking for me Read More
Sorry no time to chit chat before the card of the day. I have to get the little one some lunch between appointments with clients! The joys of working from home with kids! Have a fab day! The 2 of cups, reversed, spells trouble Read More
We are entering our second week to utilize last Monday's powerful New Moon in Libra so its time to bring forth some fresh and exciting energy into the week ahead. Ask yourself what it is that you could create or start over? Does your career need Read More
Happy Saturday!  A day of rest and relaxation...NOT! I have devised a small schedule that will allow me to be online on the weekends to serve online clients. I will be working on and off for the entire day and evening taking calls and Read More
My eldest is on Fall break this week which has been both fun and challenging. Naturally I schedule every doctor appointment known to man while he is out of school to avoid cutting into class time. This has been my M.O forever and usually it works Read More
Hi guys! I hope you are having a fabulous week thus far! How are you putting that New Moon energy to use in your life? Here things have been busy and very active! Not that I'm complaining! I would much rather be busy than bored. But in the case Read More
Today is the day of action with the New Moon energy that I talked about yesterday. As mentioned yesterday we had the moon void of course for the entire day. This left us able to dream rather big and get all the planning done so that today we could Read More
For those of you who haven't listened into your tarotscopes for the week (check them out here) today marks the first new moon in Libra in 3 years that is unencumbered by other transits which often placed limits, restrictions and even loss to the gifts Read More
Happy Monday!!!!! Today is the New Moon, one of the most fortuitous moons  of the entire year. This time for new beginnings and growth is one of the first that we have had all year that wasn't hampered my karmic and planetary limitations, Read More
Sorry guys, getting a late start! I have tree cutters coming, a roofer who should be getting started soon and a slue of other domestic duties so I'm going to cut right to the card of the day! I hope your day is as productive! Read More
Good morning/afternoon! I hope that your week is going fabulously thus far! The Mars energy is definitely lending some motivation and focus for me which is a plus given how much I have to do in a single day! I always welcome a little extra Read More
Happy Monday! I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend! We went with some good friends over to a pumpkin patch up near the mountains on a very chili and cloudy day. It was the perfect weather for warm cider and running around with the kids. Read More
Happy Saturday! I will not be able to work online today as our family and some good friends are headed out to a pumpkin patch for some pumpkin picking, cider and hayrides! I will be back online Sunday! I hope you all enjoy your Read More
I'm absolutely over the moon as today we begin a brand new Saturn cycle as he moves into Scorpio and out of Libra!Saturn doesn't bring gifts while stationed in a house, in fact he tends to bring forth lessons that are essential to our growth. When Read More
Watching the first of several Presidential debates last night was an experience to say the least. We got to watch first hand as two men essentially acted like children, cutting one another off, interrupting, smirking and essentially doing the Read More
Hi guys! Sorry, I'm way behind! This has been a super busy morning and I still have much to do before days end...but with out further adieu.... The Hierophant speaks to those structures and rules contained within a society. Read More
I have heard that relationships are a subtle dance between two people but I think that some take this sentiment WAY too far. There seems to be a rash of men who suddenly go from warm and inviting, wanting you and the relationship to being "unsure" "confused" Read More
The Halloween decorations are up and in full force in our house and I love it. Of course my husband decides NOW is the time execute our plan on some major house construction so we will see just how long they can stay up .  I was frustrated Read More
Sorry, having some technical issues both posting the video and also with deleting this until the issue is resolved!Thanks for your patience! Blessed be~ Read More
Happy Monday! Its officially October which means I can finally light my Halloween lights and put up the remainder of our decorations without fear of looking like the neighborhood nut! Now, granted, I have had half of the decorations up for about Read More