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November 2012 - Posts

I wear push up bra's, I'll cop to it publicly. I was not naturally graced with an ample bosom so instead I head over to my trusty friend Victoria Secret's where I get to choose the level of false advertisement I would like to display that day. When Read More
Happy Election Day! I hope that all of you go out there and cast your vote. I recently ran across a quote that discussed the importance of bridging the gap between feeling that one vote cannot count and going a step further to say that it can't Read More
Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend and are ready for this whirl-wind of a week! Tomorrow we have both the Presidential election as well as Mercury turning retrograde. Figuring heavily into this is Saturn who seems to be Read More
And we're back! I took a couple days off from the blog as we enjoyed the holiday and came down from our sugar high! Now begins the second holiday season but I must warn that now is not exactly the time to get into holiday shopping. November Read More